Shiraz Boghani

A Closer look at Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is currently a Partner of Sussex Health Care. In addition, Mr. Boghani also manages Splendid Hotels. Sussex Health Care provides care and rehabilitation services for those affected by trauma as well as disorders that affect the neurological system. In addition, Sussex Health Care also has the capabilities to accommodate those afflicted with Autism.

The facility is currently located in West Sussex. Private rooms are available for all residents as well as kitchen and dining room privileges. In addition, a spacious game room and sitting room is also on premises.

According to, the facility has trained staff members including Physicians as well as Registered nurses. The professional staff members will work closely with residents in an attempt to improve their current neurological condition. Sussex Health Care has helped a variety of individuals with their profession medical assistance as well as their caring and devotion. Staff members are available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

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Through the efforts of Shiraz Boghani, Sussex Health Care offers Holistic as well as Occupational therapy for those in need. Mr. Boghani was also responsible for creating an exceptional activity program as well as a special gym for those in need of physical rehabilitation. Boghani has made the facility a comfortable place with every possible accommodation to make residents feel right at home.

Possibly the most appealing feature of Sussex Health is that the facility now offers residents the opportunity to further their education as well as work skills. This is something that Shiraz Boghani was able to provide by working tirelessly in an attempt to get final approval from the educational program director.

Mr. Boghani has plans to expand Sussex Health Care. Boghani is continually working to make Sussex Health Care one of the top rated facilities within the entire Sussex area. Shiraz Boghani takes a personal interest in making the facility a special place where people come to receive extraordinary care, useful therapy, educational tools and a place that many can call home.

Shiraz Boghani seems to possess leadership skills as well as the ability to get the job done. This is why he has become a critical part of the daily operations of Sussex Health Care. Please view An on line introductory video can be viewed through the company web site.

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Doe Deere Gives Cosmetic Wearers The Keys To Success

Your cosmetics should always enhance your beauty. Your every beauty ritual should be worth the effort, and dependent on the brand you use. It’s hard for many people to believe the youthful face of Doe Deere is behind the Lime Crime brand. She knew from a young age, cosmetic colors is important to her professional career. She started out with novelty tattoos in her native Russia. Deere popularized temporary tattoos by wearing them, and then selling them to her friends. She learned the art of marketing, and how to appreciate people who follow your brand. Today, Deere is a successful marketing tech, and technology expert.

Deere believes to be successful you must learn to appreciate people for their time, instead, of their money. She believes the true keys to success is valuing the time of your clients. She learned to appreciate people who attended her functions, and supported her brand. She admits her peers were not always comfortable about her unconventional way of thinking about colors, but her design school certification changed their perspective. She works hard to be the flame behind her goals everyday with hard work, taking risks, and expanding her brand.

Lime Crime is an exclusively line of lipstick, and eye-shadow products with a completely waterproof formula. Get popular colors like Beet It, and Purple Sorbet. Her models on the Lime Crime website are from all ethnicities to give you a clear visual of how each color will look on your skin type. You’ll be able to match their colors precisely to your new hairdo, outfit, or mood. Her cosmetics demand her users be unapologetic about finding a new identity. Deere has aspired to create colors inspiring girls, and guys around the world. You can choose from unique colors that are hard to find with competitor cosmetic brands.

You won’t find LC products in retail stores, but select Bloomingdales department stores offer exclusive products. You’re also invited to visit their website for more free shipping promotional offers. Join the thousands of wearers around the world on YouTube for great ways to mix, match, and blend Lime Crime cosmetics today. Learn more:

Securus Leading the Way in the Development of Crime Prevention Technology

Technology is an inescapable part of every single facet of our lives, and thus, the criminal justice system is no different. Every day, crime and the criminals behind it go high tech, which means that correctional institutions and law enforcement agencies need to do their best to keep up. This is a major reason why Securus Technologies, a major provider of technology solutions to these institutions, is now one of the fastest growing firms in America.


Solutions Offered By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has, for a long time, been at the bleeding edge of the development and adoption of advanced technologies designed to mitigate the challenges brought about by rising crime levels. Starting as simply a provider of software to monitor inmates’ communications, it has quickly grown into a highly diversified, full-service company offering a large range of technology services and software to government and private security firms in the following vertical markets:

  • Enhanced telecommunications
  • Wireless containment systems
  • Prison management solutions
  • Data Analytics for Law Enforcers
  • Money transfer
  • Monitoring services for parolees
  • Inmate healthcare
  • Inmate education
  • Video visitation suite
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions
  • Media services for inmates


What Securus Customers Think Of the Company’s Services

In a press release published on PR Newswire, and where specific names and facilities were redacted to protect identities, there were glowing testimonials from the company’s facility customers on their use of Securus solutions to solve and prevent crimes. One facility spokesperson said how they were able to obtain information intercepted from phone calls to get a search warrant for a corrupt member of its staff who was then arrested for introducing contraband. Another explained that their correctional facility has depended on the technology solutions provided by Securus for more than ten years.


Lori Senecal – Global CEO of Advertising Agency CP + B

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of CP + B (Crispin Porter & Bogusky), which is an ad agency working with some of the world’s top brands. Her success has been attributed to her mindset of taking risks in order to produce great results for the firm’s clients. HerL contribution to the firm is in her creative nature, as she sees creativity as being something of a habit. In her role, she has produced great results in many of the campaigns that Lori has worked with.

In one instance, she advised Kraft on promoting their removal of artificial ingredients from the Macaroni and Cheese product. Initially, there was hesitation to advertise that artificial ingredients were removed, but this changed after sales of the new product remained steady at 50 million units. The promotion of the change was done through a news story, which received a billion impressions without cost.

Lori has had a long and distinguished career in Advertising, which has included her launching her own agency called TAG Ideation. In this capacity, she was able to work with some of the biggest brands in the world. Watcher’s, Sprint, and Nabisco count among some of the many companies whom she has worked with. This was until joining DDB Worldwide, as a Chief Marketing Officer. Lori was also recognized by Adweek as being one of the top 100 leaders in the marketing field.

Lori Senecal is passionate about entrepreneurship, and frequently mentors young people looking to become entrepreneurs – even incubating startups which her employees have pitched. She is an expert in online advertising, and in digital strategy. This means that she is able to provide the necessary creative direction in order to get ideas off the ground. Currently, she is responsible for managing the international offices for CP + B which is focused on continual global growth. Her impact has been felt across the business, influencing the company’s culture. Follow her on Twitter

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Rare “Corpse Flower” Blooms at Orange Coast College

A unusual floral specimen will be on display this summer at the Administration Building of Orange Coast College (2701 Fairview Road, Costa Mesa; visiting hours 10 AM to 6 PM), and despite its notoriously stinky smell, visitors are already flocking to see this rare event up close. Amorphophallus titanum, also known as the the “corpse flower” is a plant native to Indonesian island of Sumatra, where its strong, pungent odor attracts beetles that help pollinate the plant. The name “corpse flower” derives from the scent emitted when the flower’s deep red petals are open for periods of up to 48 hours and emit a rotting scent some have likened to the smell of decomposing bodies. Some Amorphophallus titanum plants can take up to ten years to bloom for the first time and can weigh up to two hundred pounds. Orange Coast College’s corpse flower plant, named “Little Dougie“, has lived at the College since 2006.


Orange Coast College, established in 1947, is a nationally accredited, public community college located in Costa Mesa in the heart of Southern California. As the top community college in Orange County, Orange Coast College is also renowned at the state and national levels for its athletic as well as academic programs. Orange Coast College offers high-quality training for California residents and non-residents alike, providing opportunities ranging from the College’s Pirate Athletics Program to cutting edge research facilities. Orange Coast College is the third ranked transfer college in California for students into the UC and CSU systems, and is also one of the top transfer colleges in the United States.


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Securus Technologies Continues to Reform the Incarceration Community

Securus Technologies is a profit-based prison technology company situated in Dallas, Texas. The company was launched in 1986 and had regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Allen, Texas, and Carrollton, Texas. Securus Technologies has approximately 1,000 employees. It serves more than 2,600 correctional facilities in the States and over 2,200 other facilities in Canada. Recently, the company announced that it had invested approximately $600 in acquisitions, patents, and technologies in the past three years.


The firm is the leading provider of government information management, parolee tracking, and detainee communication solutions. Securus is recognized globally for its innovative, and comprehensive technical solutions as well as their responsive customer care. Securus aims the specialized needs of people in correctional and law enforcement units. It offers criminal justice and civil technology solutions for monitoring, correcting, investigating, and enhancing public safety.


The technology services offered by Securus have been very useful especially in preventing inmate-on-inmate crimes. According to the CEO and Chairperson of the firm, Richard Smith, the company produces at least one new service or product that assists corrections and law enforcement officials in preventing and solving crimes, thus making the incarceration environment safer and better. Most clients at Securus Technologies are pleased by the great services they receive, and they do not hesitate to thank the company through emails and formal letters.


Securus Technologies has played a significant role in keeping off scrupulous staff members and disruptive inmates using information from phone calls. Securus monitors phone calls containing information on drug peddling, illegal access to cellular devices, illegal money transfer, and threats in facilities. Clients are very grateful as drug abuse as well, as other crimes are decreasing in law enforcement and correctional facilities. Most of the people served by Securus Technologies are impressed by the company’s vision and mission. The services that received more praises are the investigative tools and the LBS (Location Based Services) software.


Kim Dao Shows Her Friend Around Asakusa!

Kim Dao is at the station with her friend, Tip. They are going to spend some time together in Asakusa. She plans on showing him the Korean culture. Tip suggested wearing Kimonos. Kim Dao agrees because they are not expensive to rent. They have made it there and is about to get some food. Tip wants to ride on the carriage. They find a restaurant with good-looking food. Kim Dao is showing Tip how to pay using the machine. They get their food and sit down to eat together. Kim Dao is picking out her Kimono. Tip wants it to be fancy. They put on their Kimonos and Kim Dao had her hair done to complete the look. Learn more:


They have only one hour left. They plan on walking around and taking pictures. Tip gets a regular fortune from the display. They have taken off their Kimonos. They made it to the station and is headed to the Asakusa Sky Tree. Kim Dao has to film on her phone because her camera doesn’t have anymore memory. They are in the fish store looking around. They stop to have dinner. Learn more:


Kim Dao is back home and has removed her makeup. She stopped at MiMi’s house before coming home to chat and catch up with her. MiMi and Duncan gave her some cool socks for a present. Kim Dao loves socks. She didn’t delete her footage from Denmark because she didn’t copy it to her computer. She is heading to bed. Learn more:


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UKV PLC Investing In Wine

The wine industry is one of the most dynamic in all of Europe. This is an industry endured a lot of changes in recent years. Many wine companies are struggling to make a profit. Wine takes many years to produce, and during this time it can be difficult to sustain a business.

UKV PLC is a leading company in this industry today. The company is making a lot of bold moves within the industry to grow market share.

Starting Out

UKV PLC started out as a small wine company run by a couple of people. However, the company did not stay small for long. The leaders in the business wanted to make the best wine in Europe. They focused on quality early on with great ingredients. UKV PLC now has some of the leading wine names in the entire world. This allows the company to charge a premium for their wine to customers.



UKV PLC is a company that has a lot of cash on hand. When a company in the industry is struggling financially, UKV PLC will usually offer to purchase the company. Although the deals do not always go through, this has been a great way for the business to grow. In the last recession, the wine industry took a major hit. People tend to give up expensive things like wine when they have less disposable income. This was a great time for UKV PLC to make major acquisitions that nearly doubled the size of the company.

In the coming years, UKV PLC is going to continue looking for opportunities to grow. This is a great company that has a lot of products that customers love.

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The Real Reason George Soros Funded Ferguson

Since The Washington Times published this article, it has come as no surprise to anyone that George Soros funded the groups that were responsible for the Ferguson protests. It is something that the publication wanted people to know so they worked on making it something that people would be able to read about in the different areas that they were in. They also wanted to show people that George Soros was doing things that he should be so that he could fund the protests. It was a direct article and one that told people exactly why he was funding Ferguson. The real reason that he did this was so that the people who were protesting would be able to bring action in a world that was corrupt. He wanted to see people taking action and learning the different things about what was truly going on in their own town.

The money that George Soros has comes from good business deals. He learned early on the right way to invest his money and to make even more money than what he had in the past. Because of this, George Soros has more money than most people. In fact, he is one of the richest men in the world and has a multibillion dollar net worth that not many people are able to compete against. This has helped him to keep growing money and making more money for the way that he is able to fund different projects. Learn more about his profile at

No matter what George Soros is doing or the project that he is helping out with his money, he always makes sure that he standing up for people who are unable to stand up for themselves. This is part of the point of his career and it is just a part of what he does to make sure that he can help people. By providing the world with an environment of help, he knows that he is going to make a difference and that he is going to change things for different people. All of this has led to him being able to do more for others than most people are able to do.

Since George Soros has been doing things, he has always been a huge supporter of change. He wants to see changes in different areas and he also wants to make sure that people are able to get the change that they feel they deserve. He is a liberal in the truest sense of the word and he always tries to make sure that he is helping other people with the options that they need. By providing people with new opportunities to bring change in different areas, George Soros is confident that things will get better. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Rick Smith Leading Securus Technologies into the Future

When it comes to the proper balance of technology and the engineering experience to properly apply it, Rick Smith has led the way with unparalleled resources of leadership and technological innovation. Securus Technology, a leader in communications, is very fortunate to have a leader of this caliber at the helm.

Electrical engineering is a daunting subject and one not chosen by many in today’s society. This is one of the degrees that is held by Rick Smith and one of his most impressive achievements. Rick Smith began his experience while in college and juggling some of the most complex subjects that would one day lead to him establishing a thriving communications company.

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Securus Industries is a world class provider of communications for prison compounds. Since 2008, Rick Smith has taken the lead in bringing this company to the world class provider it is today.

Securus Technologies, JPay Inc. and Improving the Lives of Inmates and their Families

In 2005, JPay Inc was acquired by Rick Smith Securus. This important acquisition was instrumental in opening a wider list of services that can be offered by this company. Keeping communications up and running smoothly in the prison system is far more important than many people realize. Life is hard in a prison and keeping in close communications with family friends and loved one is often what keeps an inmate from losing their cool.

Rick Smith fully understand this and has applied his skill and expertise in providing impressive solutions to this issue. Securus technologies are now in operation in many prison systems across the US and are crucial for keeping people in touch during this difficult time.

Securus Technologies is not satisfied with this, however. According to their CEO, Rick Smith, they are looking to increase the service radius they address. Furthermore, they will be including a wider range of important technological additions that will improve the quality of the service they are currently providing.

One of the important considerations that must be considered is the rapid rise in prisoners filing prisons for all manner of small to large offences. This increasing need will require that Rick Smith and Securus Technologies will need to increase their service area within many of the locations they already address as well. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Today Securus Technologies is a billion-dollar organization and growing greater and greater each year. At the current moment of research, Securus Technologies is serving over 1 million inmates in over many prisons across the country. It is the ever-growing need for better communications for the increasing prisoner population that makes their services so timely.

Future Plans for Securus

Precision service for the ever-more specific needs of a growing industry is the general direction for Securus Technologies. But Rick Smith has also mentioned an inclination for improving the technology that empowers the service they are providing and he has already invested over $600 million in research and development for their technological side.

Rick Smith is pushing toward greater customer satisfaction and focus on their needs as a demographic all to itself. Many of the major changes that Rick Smith hopes to implement will be completed by the end of 2017. In an effort to speed things along, Rick Smith has appointed John Bell to be the customer relations side of the project.