DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Rises to Major Success from Humbled Beginnings

Hussain Sajwani is the founder, Chairman and DAMAC owner. DAMAC Properties, is a property development company in UAE. He studied in the U.S. at the University of Washington. He started his career working with a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. In 1982, he started a catering company.

According to akhbarak.net, the company started out small and built up over the years. Today, they manage over 200 projects and serve over 150,000 meals per day. They serve markets primarily in the Middle East and Africa.

They serve construction sites, army camps, schools, hotels and drilling rig operations. They also provide camp management services, manpower supply services as well as maintenance.

In the mid-1990s Sajwani was one of the first to jump into the property market expansion in Dubai. He developed luxury hotels that cater to the people coming to the region for business and trade purposes. In 2002, he started DAMAC Properties. It is one of the major property development companies in the region run by the Hussain Sajwani family.

Sajwani’s marketing, sales and financial expertise have been the major reasons the company has become such a huge success. He has properties in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Beirut, Jeddah, Amman and London.

DAMAC employs over 2000 employees. It is currently listed on the Dubai Stock Exchange. They have worked with Tiger Woods in designing golf courses. They have built luxury apartments in partnership with Versace Home and Fendi Casa.

In 2011, they started the DAMAC hospitality division, DAMAC Maison. It services people staying in hotel rooms and apartments of the company. The growth is exceptional. Sajwani is listed as one of the top 100 most influential Arabs.

Hussain has experienced success in the equity and capital markets as well. He focuses on private equites, mergers and acquisitions and trading of public equities. He has been involved with several other successful business ventures over the years with individual companies.

Sajwani serves as a member on several boards. One is Majan University College in Muscat, Oman. He is on the board of JUNO Online and Emirates Takaful Company. He currently has a net worth of over $3 billion. He lives in Dubai, is married and has four children.

Equity First Holdings on the Rise

In a recent article published by the French Tribune you will find a detailed overview of Equities First Holdings’ predicted financial status for the upcoming year based on successes from previous years. The company started in 2002 is set to make a massive rise in the loaning and lending industry, a precursor to a highly beneficial fiscal year. The company has used it’s focus on providing financial solutions globally at an affordable rate to gain massive traction in stock-based loans.

Through these strategic loans EFH has been able to hold long term accounts with leading investment banks globally, placing them in the forerunners of stock-based loan companies. Their United States based branch of the company is celebrating 700 successfully completed transactions, bringing their total to over $1 Billion in lending to its clients in the past four years. One of the many reasons individuals and businesses choose to use Equities First Holdings as their loan company of choice is their locked in interest rates, allowing customers to settle credit easily within the company.

Unconventionally EFH allows clients to leave the loan at any time, allowing borrowers the freedom of clearing their credit; this allows the borrower to feel at ease when choosing a stock-based loan. To conclude, Equities First Holdings is the only international loan and lending company that offers such freedom and peace of mind when selecting long-term Equity loans, creating a viable way for borrowers to feel confident in their financial decisions when investing into EFH.

Vijay Eswaran Recipient of Multiple Awards for His Contribution to the Business World and His Philanthropic Work

Vijay Eswaran is a well-known entrepreneur who not only set up a large business from scratch with little help but also known for his philanthropic work around the world. He is also an excellent motivational speaker who shares his insights and advice on different topics that are a necessity for young entrepreneurs and professionals who want to make a mark for themselves in the world just like him.

Vijay Eswaran is one of the founders and also the Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. The idea of setting up the company came while he was still at University. After his graduation, he took up many small jobs and worked as a cab driver, station attendant, security guard and others. He also ran a company for someone else and ended up being cheated. It was then he knew he wanted to do something from his life and it was then that he set up QI with his partners. He was fed up of working for others and wanted to earn for himself. It was this determination that led him to start a company that is worth millions today.

Vijay Eswaran has won many different awards for his contribution to the business world. He was also named one of Asia’s Top 50 Philanthropists by Forbes. He is also an avid reader and has written several books himself. He feels that when people read books, it has the power to inspire them and there is nothing that can take its place. One of the books that have inspired his work is Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace written by Ricardo Semler. The book talks about the benefits of participative management at the workplace, and that is exactly what practices are followed at his company are. He believes that the book has changed the way companies look at employees as it is more of a mutual relationship today.

Drew Madden is a Critical Player in Enhancing Service Quality through Technology

Healthcare sector is a critical industry in the lives of people living in any country. It needs to be highly maintained, efficient and funded to ensure that it can get anything as and when required. Most of all, healthcare industry needs to be using the most modern equipment and technology to help individuals have healthy lives and long lifespan. However, the people responsible for achieving this goal have remained silent, and they see nothing wrong in the industry which has made the trade to stay poorly managed for many years.

Drew Madden, an expert in information technology, has done so much for Evergreen Healthcare Partners that the public healthcare sector should copy soothing from such experts. The organization has adopted innovative methods in its operations which has brought the services it is offering at a higher level. This explains why the entity has not recorded death for the past few months, especially preventable death. The opposite has happened in government managed healthcare industry where individuals are dying as days goes by. The problem with these deaths is that they are preventable.

Preventing deaths has everything to do with enhancing efficiency and quality of the care provided in the most of the healthcare facilities around the country. Drew Madden has been able to ensure that Evergreen Healthcare Partners operates efficiently while at the same time ensuring that quality medication has been offered to the patients. The healthcare industry will only be able to do that when it has information technology systems that provide manual tasks have been eradicated and that health facilities are only managed through advanced systems.

To eliminate preventable deaths in the healthcare industry technology experts such as Drew Madden have to be incorporated into the system as they have the necessary experience and technical ability to move the public healthcare sector to another level. Not only is the healthcare industry looking forward to eliminating preventable deaths but is geared towards ensuring it achieves that by improving the healthcare sector and enhancing service quality. Nevertheless, quality services will only be made by the use of innovative technology rather than older manual systems.

An Overview Of Pertinent Data From Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Specializing in investment opportunities and alternative financial solutions, Equities First Holdings is the result of Al Christy’s pioneering spirit. Created in 2002, Equities First Holdings is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Though this location employs roughly 30 staffers, Equities First Holdings is exceedingly renowned. EFH’s worldwide status is in large part due to their global operations. Said offices are in London, Perth, Sydney, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and Singapore.

In essence, Equities First Holdings takes a unique approach to financing, delivering blue-chip solutions via progressive thinking. More specifically, they provide customized services that center around non-purpose funding. As a result, Equities First Holdings aims to “supply liquidity.” This tactic has been dubbed “innovating borrowing,” and the name is undoubtedly apt. Equities First Holdings is still a prominent name in the industry, and they continue to provide top-of-the-line financing alternatives to individuals and corporations alike.

Sheldon Lavin: OSI’s Leader Remains Committed to Sustainable Growth

Sheldon Lavin started his working career as an investment manager for a bank. Sheldon knew early on that he possessed a knack for planning for the future. His desire at the beginning of his career was to help businesses plan and to realize their future potential.

In 1970 Sheldon Lavin was still doing what he loved — working as a bank executive and investment manager — when he was asked by Otto and Sons to help them with an aggressive expansion. Otto and Son’s grew rapidly in tandem with the growth of their key client — the McDonald’s hamburger chain. With Lavin’s guidance, Otto and Son’s expansion was very successful.

After that successful expansion project, Otto and Sons were keen to bring Sheldon Lavin on board as a stakeholder. Lavin decided not to take Otto and Sons up on their offer but did become an in-house consultant for them after finalizing the required financing.

In 1975, seeking funding for an international expansion, Otto and Sons relied again on Sheldon Lavin’s financial leadership. It was also in 1975 that Otto and Son transitioned into their new identity as OSI Industries. It was also the year that OSI Industries made Lavin a partner.

Not long after — a few years — Sheldon Lavin became Chairman and CEO of OSI Industries. OSI Industries would later become OSI Group, Inc., one of the largest US companies under Lavin’s direction. Somewhere in the 80’s Lavin became the controlling shareholder in OSI.

From his very first days with OSI Industries, Sheldon has worked to make it an environmentally sustainable business. For his efforts to promote sustainability in a field not regarded as overly concerned with sustainability, Lavin has repeatedly been honored.

In 2016 Sheldon received the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. Lavin said he was both honored and humbled by the award.

Today Sheldon remains committed to the welfare of OSI’s thousands of employees, and to ensuring that OSI Group maintains its focus on sustainability.

Mike Bagguley Has Been Appointed To Accelerate The Bank’s Restructuring Process

The Promotion

Mike Bagguley, the head of Barclays Plc’s marco markets business has been promoted to COO of the investment bank. His goal will be to speed up the restructuring of company. He will report to the bank’s CEO Tom King. The investment bank is being trimmed to reduce costs and raise profitability. Another task Mike Bagguley will have is to align infrastructure functions and assist in the coordination and delivery of projects as well as be involved with the bank’s executive committee. The bank has been without a COO for more than six months. Tom King mentioned that the bank’s third-quarter numbers prove the strategic decisions the bank made but there was still more work to be done. He believes that the new COO will give the firm the ability to build on the changes that have already been made, as well as the momentum to move faster for the bank’s clients. He also mentioned that the co-heads of macro trading and the head of macro distribution would work together to lead the bank’s macro products division.


Mike Bagguley has supervised the trimming and restructuring of the marco business. These changes include interest rates, commodities products, and foreign exchange. The bank had committed to a three year plan to get rid of 7,000 jobs, which makes up a quarter of the total employees. So far, the bank was on point with the workforce reduction. The changes were deemed necessary since trading revenues dropped and regulations got tougher. These issues were affecting the bank’s profitability. Barclays, Deutsche Bank, and various others decided to reduce trading activities and allocate resources that weren’t affected like advisory and equities.

New Chief Operating Officer Background

Mike Bagguley attended the University of Warwick. He received a B.S. in Mathematics when he graduated in 1988. In 2001 he started at Barclays and worked on the fixed income trading desk in London. Since then he had senior roles in London, New York, Tokyo, and Johannesburg. While he has been at Barclay’s guiding the restructuring, he was able to produce improvements in the bank’s performance right away.

Stream Energy: Stream Cares

Stream Energy, a Dallas-based energy company, was recently featured in an article on Patch.com regarding the company’s philanthropic efforts in Texas and across the country. The article announces that the company has created the Stream Cares Foundation in order to increase their philanthropic endeavors.

Stream Energy has taken part in the relief of both Hurricane Harvey and the 2016 tornado that hit Texas. Stream Energy has forged long-term relationships with both the Habitat for Humanity Foundation and the American Red Cross Association.

In 2016, Stream offered support through almost $19 billion dollars to a variety of charities, not including the non-monetary support that they provided through sponsorship, cause-marketing and their associates time.

Stream Energy is also tackling Texas homelessness through cooperation with Hope Supply Co. Stream has been working with Hope Supply Co. for more than four years and is involved in the annual Splash for Hope event. This event allows homeless children the opportunity to go to a water park and be fed, as well as receive the supplies they need such as diapers, clothing, and school supplies.

Not only does Stream work with other organizations, but they host and fund events for people in the community that need the support. For example, the company arranged transportation for veterans and their families to have a nice family meal in December. The next day Stream took 10 military daughters for the American Girl Doll Experience. The 10 girls were able to choose an American Girl Doll and then eat in the American Girl Doll Cafe, all paid for by Stream Energy.

Stream does not just donate money, but also time and employees. Both Stream associates and the leadership of the energy company are involved in the outreach that they provide for their community. Stream Energy is a great model for how business can use their influence for good, helping to lift their community rather than squashing it in the name of capitalism.


Adam Milstein Improves Philanthropic Events

Adam Milstein is most commonly known for the foundation of the pro-Jewish non-profit company that is the Israeli American Council (IAC) which is based in Los Angeles. Adam is the chairman of the non-profit organization. Adam Milstein and his family came to the United States in 1981. This is where he earned his MBA while attending the UCLA in 1983. After that, he went into the commercial real estate business as a sales agent. He was able to climb the corporate ladder and become the managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties firm.

The inspiration for Adam’s charitable deeds came from a friend of his. Adam’s colleague helped him see how and why he wanted to give back to the Israeli-American community. With the newly found inspiration, he set out to found the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation with his wife. They also founded the Sifriyat Pijama B’America. Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli American Council in 2007. Adam Milstein and his family live in Encino, CA.

The compassionate and generous hearts of Adam and his wife Gila have led them to found the numerous non-profit foundations. They have also set up ways in which organizations can get funded for their selfless endeavors. Having set up and founded several non-profit organizations of their own, Adam and his wife know that the donation process can take anywhere to a few months to a number of years. They use the wisdom they have gained through their experiences to help other pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish non-profits so that they can also become established.

Adam Milstein and his wife are not the type to just sit back and watch other people do the work. They both are actively involved in the whole process from beginning to end. To add to this, the philanthropic couple assist several organizations with the material and social resources that they have available at any given time. The power couple has set up what is called the Donor Forum. The Donor Forum allows for the process of speeding up and establishing the donor-non-profit relationship. This allows the philanthropists to become more involved with the leaders of the future non-profits.


The Charm of Fagali Airport and Upolu Island

Tiny Fagali Airport is located in Apia on Upolu Island in the nation of Samoa. This very small airport opens up a large opportunity to see the beautiful offerings of the South Pacific with flights to and from Pago Pago and Savai’i. Travelers will enjoy exploring Upolu, this little island where the Fagali Airport is located. Natural wonders, wildlife, pristine beaches and markets await the adventuresome explorers.

One of the exciting excursions can be sliding down the Papaseea Sliding Rocks. This smooth slide of volcanic rock lands you in a beautiful clear swimming hole, but please be sure to do this during the seasons when the water levels are high enough. Check out on youtube for more updates.

A visit to the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is a wonderful way to learn about the author of Treasure Island and about his life in Samoa during that period. Stevenson passed away here in 1894 and the whole country mourned. A short walk from the museum leads to his grave at the top of Mount Vaea. Here you can enjoy panoramic views of Apia.

Take a break and try out some snorkeling or swimming in the Piula Cave Pool. This pool located in the middle of college campus tends to be quietest in the morning hours. Float in this pristine pool full of water that has been filtered down through volcanic rock from the highlands. Snorkel and see the creatures that inhabit this underwater paradise.

Not far from the Fagali Airport in Apia is the fish market. Located on the waterfront, it is not to be missed. Fresh caught fish straight from the boats are unloaded every morning. Be early and get some lobsters for your dinner. The huge covered Maketi Fou market boasts traditional food, fresh fruits and local produce. Don’t forget to get your souvenirs and other handiwork from the flea market which is held in the afternoons.

This is just a taste of things to explore on this Island. The Fagali Airport is the hub to learn and experience what the South Pacific has to offer.

Visit: http://www.encontreomedico.com.br/empresa/2924/clinica-dr.-augusto-fagali-sao-jose-do-rio-preto-sp