How NGP VAN is Helping the Democrats Win On the Campaign Trail

The Democrats have always been good at keeping up to date with the latest cutting-edge technology. FDR was elected for 4 terms — yes 4, they had to amend the constitution because he was so popular — and his fireside chats had a lot to do with it. The radio was the latest and greatest invention at the time, and FDR jumped on board to use it to appeal to modern voters. The same thing can be said of Donald Trump. No matter how infamous, his use of Twitter has drawn out constitute and been used as a platform to communicate in the digital age.

Republicans like Donald Trump may make use of technology to communicate to the public, but the Democrats are the kings of using it on the campaign trail. NGP VAN is the Democrats primary tool when it comes election time. The DC-based company is a massive voter database and analytics company that helped draw millions of voters out for Obama, twice, and is put to continuous use since by the Democratic Party.


In contemporary politics, data is king. The ability to categorize and organize potential voter information in a way that lets you systematically target voters is a massive tool come election time. There is currently no-one better at this process than NGP VAN. NGP isn’t just a voter data collection tool, it’s a fully integrated platform that allows Democrats to use cutting edge technology in order to turn voters out to the polls.


In order to stay on top, NGP VAN recently swallowed a  few startups and integrated the technology into its software. For example, Hustle, the San Fransisco based startup, is a peer-to-peer communication platform that was used heavily during the Obama election. On the other hand, SpeakEasy Politics is a direct-to-mail platform that uses integrated voter data in order to better target potential voters. Both of these startups are now part of the NGP VAN platform; a platform that is continuously growing.


The Democrats use of NGP VAN and other cutting-edge technologies have made them a force come elections. If the Republicans don’t find software to match they are going to see heavy losses in the data sector come election time. Of course, this will be difficult to do, as NGP VAN is the primary voter database tool and is only for use by Democrats.

Have You Heard That PSI Pay Is The Future Payment Method?

Change is inevitable especially in our current world where technology is the order of the day. If you don’t change, then something or someone will change. The banking industry has had various changes and transformation but what it is yet to experience fully seems to be more excellent and thrilling above the previous advancement. Have you ever thought of contactless and cashless payment? Well, it might be hard even to think of how possible it is but the fact is that the technology is here with us introduced by PSI-Pay Ltd in collaboration with Kerv.

The beauty of PSI-Pay is its ability to close the existing gap between digital wallets of different countries across the globe; it will enable quick and secure international payments. For example, digital wallets used in European market like Ecopayz come with the convenience of having multiple currencies and enables the users to deposit or withdraw money from various ATMs using their credit cards. The cons of carrying digital wallet are how conscious you ought to be especially when carrying a large amount of money and the many complaints that the digital wallet providers settle daily.

Digital wallets in America are connected to their credit and debit cards which they use to settle their transactions. Most of the young adults in America prefer using digital wallets like Masterpass and Walmart Pay because of the speed and security in it nevertheless; it has not fully become an alternative to a bank account.

Many experts predict that by 2020, PSI Pay contactless payment will have taken considerable roots in America and Europe. As a matter of fact, this cashless payment method is doomed to be more popular and common than cash according to financial reporting. Consequently, it is an alternative banking solution that will enable users to deposit or withdraw their funds fast and secure from their banking network in over 44 currencies across 173 countries worldwide.

Kerv in partnership with PSI Pay has replaced credit cards with wearable devices like watches, rings, pins, bracelets, gloves etc. to be used in paying merchants. No more PINs, signatures, carrying phones, long queues or replacing batteries. Although digital wallets used by Americans and European market save time and secure, PSI Pay seems to add more advantages over the digital wallets. That’s why many are going for them and the future for the wearable devices is guaranteed especially after people become aware of them extensively.

Talk Fusion is the Future of Communication

Talk Fusion has kicked up their offerings a notch by adding a video chat application (app). Since 2007, Talk Fusion has been on the forefront of helping companies to improve communications with their customers. Talk Fusion has become a very popular business tool that utilizes state of the art technology. Products are available in more than 140 countries.


Available on the Google Play Store, as well as through iTunes, Fusion on the Go app has a variety of new features that adds convenience to the art of helping businesses retain a competitive edge. The app can be downloaded to iPod Touches, iPads and iPhones that utilize the iOS 7 Operating System. The app can be used on Android devices with access to the 4.4.3 system.


The most productive and favorite product for the company is video email. This particular app allows a business to connect with customers via the use of video email messages. The app can be used to send messages from Android or Apple devices to customers from any location. The videos can be recorded live, using a pre-recorded video or a video template. If a template is chosen, the sender has the option to customize the video to make the video fit the campaign.


Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Bob Reina reiterates Talk Fusion can also be utilized to make personal calls to family and friends. This allows video calls between multiple people on a variety of devices. The calls use a link that is shared by all participants.


By using the app, the initiator can create a secure and private meeting room and invite other participants via text message or email. It is necessary to have a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. Once established, the meeting room can be accessed at a later date, as well as when it is created. It is easy to find customer’s or family or friends online, as well as sending invitations to join the conversation. Chat has also incorporated picture messaging into the app. The images are crisp and clear with very limited blurriness or choppiness. Conversations can also be saved and archived for future use or reference.


The Fusion on the Go app has kicked its offerings up a notch with user friendly and quicker functionality, as well as capabilities. The goal is make Talk Fusion the absolute go to app for businesses and individuals and stay on the forefront of the industry. The products can be used to give a business a step up when it comes to communicating with clients. Learn more:


All about Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a reformer and has all through been an active member in the educational reform movement. She is a graduate of Calvin College where she actively participated in the University Politics. Betsy has been a lead at different party organizations and campaign. She was once the chairman of the Republican Party for around six years.

Betsy DeVos is married to Dick DeVos who was an aspirant for the governorship of Michigan nominated by the Republican Party. This is a clear indication that the spirit of reforming runs through the family. Betsy DeVos has a variety of leadership roles such as the chairman of the American Federation for Children, Alliance of School Choice and the Windquest Group, a firm they established back in the year 1989 in collaboration with her husband. The firm basically invests in manufacturing, clean energy and technology. Dick DeVos was once the president of the Orlando magic NBA franchise and the Amway.

In an exclusive interview, Betsy said that it was not just instantly that she joined educational-movement reforms but the whole process was a step by step affair. She said that when her children were at a school going age, her together with the husband, they paid a visit to Potters House Christian School. The school for a long period of time, it had been serving children mainly those from low income families and while there, they got to have a word or two with several parents. They visited the school more frequently from then and they learnt that most of the parents there experienced difficulties when it came to payment their children’s fees. That kind of situation triggered them to offer support to individual students at the school and this became a great commitment.

This kind of dedication made them even think on a wider perspective about education and by doing so, Dick expressed his interest in vying for the State Board of Education in Michigan which he successfully managed. After the elections, Betsy DeVos established a foundation through which she gave out scholarships to students from families that earned little income. She was also working with two national charities which both worked towards expanding educational choice through vouchers and tax credits.

Betsy DeVos was born back in the year 1958 into a wealthy, conservative prince family. She practices religion as a Christian as she was raised at a church in Holland. She is a dedicated family woman with a husband, Dick DeVos, and four already grown up children. The family has all through been contributing to conservative religious and political causes.

Betsy DeVos pursues reforms by manipulation of several nonprofit roles. She chairs their family foundation and her charitable efforts are felt in the entire nation. Betsy also actively participates in several national and local boards like the DeVos Institute for Arts Management among others. She is largely known as a senior advocate for the educational choice movement.


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Enhanced Athlete is Cleared in Lawsuit Against Nutrition Distribution

Enhanced Athlete in facing its lawsuit from Nutrition Distribution has won its case and has been able to convince the Judge in the District Court of California to override the injunction plea of Nutrition Distribution. Enhanced Athlete pleaded the fact that Nutrition Distribution is in the business of starting lawsuits to settle out of court. Enhanced Athlete showed that Nutrition Distribution has recently filed over 70 lawsuits against supplemental companies lie Enhanced Athlete and argued that their motive was to have companies respond to the case and desist letters as an alternative to settle these cases out of court. Enhanced Athlete, the Cheyenne, Wyoming company has also stated that it was the recipient of several letters sent by Nutrition Distribution that it demanded payment as a remedy to its loss of sales because of Enhanced Athlete’s false advertising of its products, which effected Nutrition Distribution’s sales.

The California District Court Judge denied the injunction pleaded by Nutrition Distribution and judgment in favor of the evidence brought forth by Enhanced Athlete.

Enhanced Athlete further argued that Nutrition Distribution has never been able to show that advertising done by Enhanced Athlete was a direct result of the loss in sales of Nutrition Distribution. Scott Cavell, CEO of Enhanced Athlete, called Nutrition Distribution’s claims a “shakedown scheme,” and argued it would not allow itself to be the “next victim” of Nutrition Distribution.

The legal representatives of Enhanced Athlete admitted that the Court has shown its decision in favor of Enhanced Athlete showed Nutrition Distribution failed t bring substantial evidence of a causal link between its loss of sales and the alleged misleading advertising carried out by Enhanced Athlete.

Enhanced Athlete has two daughter companies, Enhanced Coaching, and Enhanced Gear, which also help an athlete reach their full potential thru providing individualized coaching and sports gear. Enhanced Coaching offers customized training packages to athletes thru professional bodybuilding experts. Similarly, the other daughter company of ENhanced Athlete specializes in athletic equipment which maximizes training and bodybuilding performance. All three companies carry the Enhanced Logo, and each has its own dedicated website where customers can contact official representatives.

Lacey and Larkin on the conduct of Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio is a former sheriff of Maricopa County. He is popular for his action against the immigrants living in this county. For 24 years, he was the sheriff of the county and managed to win the seat for six times. In what is seen by some experts as a way of retaining the seat, Joe was against immigration into the United States by Latinos who were coming from the southern border of Mexico.

Joe Arpaio knew that there was a high number of nationalists in the county who hated the idea of immigration. By managing to convince them that he would protect them from effects of immigration, he was able to keep them in his voting basket.

Jim Larkin who is human rights activist in the United States is one person who followed Joe Arpaio closely and knows all the things he did. One thing he gives Arpaio credit for is being a smart politician. He knew how to play with the minds of the people, and that is how he managed to retain the seat.

Jim Larkin however, detests Arpaio for the action he took when dealing immigrants. He was ruthless and in so doing messed up the lives of very many people.

Victims of Arpaio misconduct were immigrants living in the county without the necessary documents. He hunted them down and made sure that they went through torture they have never seen in their lives. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Joe Arpaio created concentration camps which he used as jails to hold the immigrants as they awaited deportation. The concentration camps were inhabitable. They lacked all the necessities needed to support human life.

There was a shortage of water and food in the facility. One of the popular concentration camps that were behind torture of many immigrants is Tent City. The camp can be described as hell by those who went through it. People were beaten and even killed by officers attached to the county. Women would give birth while chained to their beds.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are journalist and owners of a publication known as Phoenix New Times. They were following the actions that were being taken by Joe Arpaio and documenting it. They would use the publication to highlight the wrongs that were being committed to those who were in the country illegally. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Being an immigrant is not a crime that should be punishable by death. It is not clear how just because you are an immigrant someone would see you as a criminal who deserves a bullet in the head or just torture like the one Arpaio was sponsoring.

Arpaio was so evil that instead of building better jails, he would channel the money to other causes and instead built temporary facilities which he called concentration camps. Lacey and Larkin also faced the wrath of the rogue officer after Arpaio arrested them.

They were later released. They instituted charges against Arpaio and the state. The case ended with a compensation of $3.75 million to the duo. They are now using this money to assist human rights groups in Arizona to play their role.

Life Lessons From A Great Surgeon, Dr. Saad

Dr. Saad was born in Palestine in the 1940s. During these years, there were major conflicts with Israel and this forced him and his family to go through some very tough times. Dr. Saad never succumbed to any forms of pressure even when still a young man and developed a great resilience and mantra. He believes that anyone can be who they want to be as long as they are willing to give it their all to be that.

Dr. Saad has been able to prove this by maintaining fortitude and resilience in pursuing his desire to become a surgeon from a very tender age. Dr. Saad never had a smooth life as he grew up because at one point he was forced to abandon his friends and old life because the family suddenly relocated to a new place and he had to start a new life. This was very tough for him given the fact that he was still very young at that point in time.

Through the mentorship of his father, a hard working oil construction worker, he was able to gain focus to pursue high levels of education so as to get out of the state of life they were living in. Dr. Saad’s belief as a young man that he would one day is a well-recognized surgeon hang around his neck as he carried that belief with him all of his days.

It was greatly emphasized one day when he got a heat stroke while hanging around an oil mine site. When he came to, he resolved his solace would be the operating room, the only air conditioned room he knew of at that time.

More about Dr. Saad

Dr. Saad is an experienced surgeon with more than 40 years of practical experience currently residing at Eatontown, New Jersey. He graduated from Cairo University School of Medicine in 1971. He practiced his residency at UMDNJ IN 1977 and Medical University of SC in 1979.

With regard to certification and licensure, Dr. Saad is certified in pediatric surgery by the American Board of Surgery, New Jersey State Medical License as well as the IA State Medical License.

Dr. Saad has been able to gain a lot of recognition from the patients he has served over the years. He has proved that his ability to treat his patients goes far beyond the operating table into building a closer relationship with them as he is concerned about them.

This is evidenced by the fact that Dr. Saad was awarded the Patients’ Choice Award in the year 2014 as a result of being the surgeon that most patients wanted to work with. In the same year he also received an award for Compassionate Doctor Recognition as a result of his excellent bedside manner.

Dr. Saad is definitely a great surgeon and potential mentor to many future surgeons. Learn more:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes Bradesco’s Reins As Chairman, Prepares To Appoint Replacement CEO

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has decided on Octavio de Lazari Junior as his successor. Lazari will be serving as the chief executive officer at Banco Bradesco SA. Lazari’s appointment follows Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s rise to the position of chairman from his role as the previous CEO.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco took on the role of chairman after Lazaro Brandao made the decision to step down at the age of 91. With Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s appointment as chairman of the board, he had to find a new chief executive officer to replace him. Lazari was announced as his replacement earlier this month, and he will be formally appointed on the 18th according to Until that time, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will continue to perform the duties of both roles.

Lazari will have his appointment to the position of CEO referred to during the inaugural meeting of Banco Bradesco’s restructured board of directors on the 18th. The new structure of the board will be decided upon during an upcoming shareholders meeting. Although, while the final structure of the board has yet to be decided, preliminary changes have already been made over the last few weeks.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia substituto de Trabuco

Among the recent changes to Bradesco’s board are Aurelio Conrado Boni’s decision to resign from his position, and the promotion of two of Bradesco’s executive directors to higher positions within the board. In addition, four new vice presidents have been announced, and they will be added to the board during its restructuring. Finally, two of the board’s directors have taken on the role of deputy executive officer.

Lazari is currently serving as a vice president at Banco Bradesco, will continue to do so until he is formally appointed as CEO. He will also continue to serve as the president of the Bradesco Seguros group, even after taking on his role as the chief executive officer of Banco Bradesco. Lazari has been with Bradesco for almost four decades, originally serving as a clerk at the young age of 15. His history with Bradesco has made him a prime candidate for the position of CEO, and in the end, he ended up ahead of several other strong contenders, receiving the position.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Chairman and Interim CEO
Following Brandao’s decision to step down from the role of chairman, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed in his place. Prior to his appointment as chairman, and until Lazaro is formally appointed as the chief executive officer, Luiz Carlos Trabuco acts as the bank’s CEO, and has done so since he was first appointed in 2009. Before the position of CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was a vice president for the bank.

He has worked at Banco Bradesco for close to five decades and started as clerk, which has been the bulk of his professional career both within and outside of the banking industry. His passion for Bradesco has allowed him to bring them forward, and to help them grow. His service has been invaluable to Bradesco, and for it, he’s been given the reins and asked to lead it into the future.

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Dick DeVos Is Transitioning His Hometown through New Policies

Dick DeVos has been the center of attention in Grand Rapids. This is following his tremendous, contribution to modernizing the city. In 1991, the town’s officials wanted to construct a multi-purpose sports center. When Dick DeVos heard about it, he called the town officials to launch a complaint. Dick DeVos did not want to be part of the project as it would interfere with the geographical alignment of the city. Aside from refusing to be part of the plan, he lobbied against the idea that would later be detrimental to the city. DeVos remembers the ordeal. He recently said that the lesson was embedded in their brains.


Background Information

Dick DeVos campaigned against the construction of a sports facility in Grand Rapids. The result was the foundation of Grand Action. This is a business group of influential leaders. These leaders promoted the establishment of Van Andel Arena, and a market called Grand Rapids. The mentioned structures have contributed to the economic development of Grand Rapids.


Dick Leads Grand Rapids to Success

Betsy and Dick DeVos are the heirs of some of the greatest families in Grand Rapids. They commit their time and effort to transition the city through new policies. Being recognized officials, the duo has tried to influence change in the institutions. Their political positions have also contributed to their ability to change the city.


Founding Charter Schools

Betsy DeVos, with the assistance of her husband Dick DeVos, influenced the foundation of charter schools. Dick DeVos, on the other side, came up with a law that transitioned Michigan to a city that recognizes employment outside union membership.


Education Reforms

The DeVos have a tremendous influence on education and charity. They come from Michigan’s wealthiest families and have since used their wealth to improve people’s lives. In 2016, the election night, the DeVos family earned bronze recognition for their input in the community.


Betsy’s Contribution

Dick’s wife is known as Betsy DeVos. She is competent in multiple fields. As an innovator and leader in matters of advocacy, Betsy DeVos has nurtured many students in America, thanks to her contribution to education reforms. Betsy works with Dick to transform people’s lives by contributing to charity.


Dick’s Profile

Dick DeVos hails from a wealthy family. The man is prominent for working with his wife to better people’s lives. Dick DeVos worked for Amway as a pilot. He oversaw the administration of federal aviation. Recently, he got a job at the American Department of Transportation Secretary. This gives him more reasons to travel and visit Betsy his wife, who is the secretary of education.


Leadership Roles

Dick joins six members in the panel. He will oversee logistics and management. The panel advises senior managers on policy management, spending, long-term planning as well as regulatory matters.


Additional Information

The former executive leader of Amway owns Windquest Group. This company is based in Grand Rapids. It holds several companies by managing their operations. Some of the companies include Coppercraft Distillery as well as the Stow Company. In addition to these roles, Dick DeVos has transformed the Gerald R. Ford Airport. Dick also managed a group of business professionals who were responsible for convincing Southwest to launch routes into and out of Grand Rapids airport.


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Todd Lubar Talks About What Makes Baltimore Attractive To Milliennials

Since he’s pretty well-known as the go-to guy in the Baltimore real estate industry, Todd Lubar often gets asked about what trends he sees are developing. What he says are popular in Charm City is apartments and condos. It’s younger people moving to Baltimore, he says, which means they are just getting started on their professional careers. This means they need less expensive places to stay while at the same time wanting to be in trendy neighborhoods with a good nightlife and plenty of restaurants.

According to Patch, older buildings, even historical ones, are getting redeveloped into apartments and condo’s Lubar says. The great thing about Baltimore is that it’s a city with a lower cost of living than nearby Washington D.C. This means that a lot of these younger people moving to it jump on mass transit, which is also improving he says, and taking that to their jobs which are usually in either Baltimore or D.C. You can visit yelp to see more.

Due to this shift in demographics, from older people to younger ones, Todd Lubar says that the local business environment is shifting as well. New restaurants open all the time to appeal to millennials. He says startups are also doing really well in Baltimore because they have a lot of young tech-savvy people to hire. What helps is that the city of Baltimore has been trying to attract new businesses as well in an effort to diversify the economy and grow the tax base.

Todd Lubar is the president of a company he founded a number of years ago, TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Todd has been helping people obtain home mortgages for over 25 years and he feels his greatest accomplishments are helping new homebuyers. He says what he offers to clients is relief and knowing that they can own the home they really have their eyes set on. You can visit LinkedIn to see more.

He had years of experience in the industry before he founded his company. He had previously been a top producer at a few firms like Crestar Mortgage, Charter Funding, and Legacy Financial Group. He decided to become an entrepreneur because he wanted to control his own financial fate.