The Tweet Storm of Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar is both a tech investor as well as an entrepreneur. His success comes from being able to identify trends quickly. At the beginning of 2018, he took his followers by surprise by sending off dozens of tweets in a short period of time.


It wasn’t long before many bloggers were calling it a tweet storm.


Shervin Pishevar wasn’t very active on Twitter through the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. However, in February 2018, he decided to break his silence. He sent off the first tweet, with a “#1” stating that he wanted to share a few predictions.


No one had any idea that he planned to send a total of 50 tweets, all numbered, within 23 hours.


Shervin Pishevar covered a significant number of topics throughout these 50 tweets. This included everything from how he predicted the stock market would drop 6000 points in aggregate over the next few months to how cryptocurrency would take a dive and then slowly stabilize over the next year.


The tech investor also decided to compare the United States to China in terms of the speed of execution, noting how the United States is falling behind. He also talked about how Silicon Valley is more of a concept than a physical place in terms of how entrepreneurs are born. Additionally, he spoke about the number of monopolies in the United States and how we as a country need to be careful about letting them gain too much more power.


Many of the predictions that Shervin Pishevar made have already proven to be trustworthy. He has helped to open the eyes of many. There are plenty of entrepreneurs listening to his every word. Additionally, he has gained considerably more followers since the beginning of 2018 because of the tweet storm that he created.

Talk Fusion is the Future of Communication

Talk Fusion has kicked up their offerings a notch by adding a video chat application (app). Since 2007, Talk Fusion has been on the forefront of helping companies to improve communications with their customers. Talk Fusion has become a very popular business tool that utilizes state of the art technology. Products are available in more than 140 countries.


Available on the Google Play Store, as well as through iTunes, Fusion on the Go app has a variety of new features that adds convenience to the art of helping businesses retain a competitive edge. The app can be downloaded to iPod Touches, iPads and iPhones that utilize the iOS 7 Operating System. The app can be used on Android devices with access to the 4.4.3 system.


The most productive and favorite product for the company is video email. This particular app allows a business to connect with customers via the use of video email messages. The app can be used to send messages from Android or Apple devices to customers from any location. The videos can be recorded live, using a pre-recorded video or a video template. If a template is chosen, the sender has the option to customize the video to make the video fit the campaign.


Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Bob Reina reiterates Talk Fusion can also be utilized to make personal calls to family and friends. This allows video calls between multiple people on a variety of devices. The calls use a link that is shared by all participants.


By using the app, the initiator can create a secure and private meeting room and invite other participants via text message or email. It is necessary to have a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. Once established, the meeting room can be accessed at a later date, as well as when it is created. It is easy to find customer’s or family or friends online, as well as sending invitations to join the conversation. Chat has also incorporated picture messaging into the app. The images are crisp and clear with very limited blurriness or choppiness. Conversations can also be saved and archived for future use or reference.


The Fusion on the Go app has kicked its offerings up a notch with user friendly and quicker functionality, as well as capabilities. The goal is make Talk Fusion the absolute go to app for businesses and individuals and stay on the forefront of the industry. The products can be used to give a business a step up when it comes to communicating with clients. Learn more: