How NGP VAN is Helping the Democrats Win On the Campaign Trail

The Democrats have always been good at keeping up to date with the latest cutting-edge technology. FDR was elected for 4 terms — yes 4, they had to amend the constitution because he was so popular — and his fireside chats had a lot to do with it. The radio was the latest and greatest invention at the time, and FDR jumped on board to use it to appeal to modern voters. The same thing can be said of Donald Trump. No matter how infamous, his use of Twitter has drawn out constitute and been used as a platform to communicate in the digital age.

Republicans like Donald Trump may make use of technology to communicate to the public, but the Democrats are the kings of using it on the campaign trail. NGP VAN is the Democrats primary tool when it comes election time. The DC-based company is a massive voter database and analytics company that helped draw millions of voters out for Obama, twice, and is put to continuous use since by the Democratic Party.


In contemporary politics, data is king. The ability to categorize and organize potential voter information in a way that lets you systematically target voters is a massive tool come election time. There is currently no-one better at this process than NGP VAN. NGP isn’t just a voter data collection tool, it’s a fully integrated platform that allows Democrats to use cutting edge technology in order to turn voters out to the polls.


In order to stay on top, NGP VAN recently swallowed a  few startups and integrated the technology into its software. For example, Hustle, the San Fransisco based startup, is a peer-to-peer communication platform that was used heavily during the Obama election. On the other hand, SpeakEasy Politics is a direct-to-mail platform that uses integrated voter data in order to better target potential voters. Both of these startups are now part of the NGP VAN platform; a platform that is continuously growing.


The Democrats use of NGP VAN and other cutting-edge technologies have made them a force come elections. If the Republicans don’t find software to match they are going to see heavy losses in the data sector come election time. Of course, this will be difficult to do, as NGP VAN is the primary voter database tool and is only for use by Democrats.