Meet Hussain Sajwani the Middle East King of Property Development

Hussain Sajwani is a successful businessman, who became very famous for the part he plays as the founder and chairman of DAMAC Properties, an international property development company which has its headquarters in Dubai. He is a citizen of the United Arabs Emirates. Sajwani told his entrepreneurial talent from his father who had a shop of watches he imported from China. He has a bachelor’s degree in the field of Industrial Engineering and Economics he attained from Washington University.

Hussain Sajwani’s Career Journey

Immediately he graduated from the University of Washington, Sajwani headed back to the Middle East where he got his first job with Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in 1981. While working at the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries, Hussain Sajwani was a given a task to work at the company’s finance department. After two years of working for the company, he started Global Logistics Services which is a catering business venture that is now ranked as the best in the industry and it comprises of more than 200 projects all over Africa, Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States. After a few years of hard work and determination, Hussain Sajwani’s catering enterprise is able to serve more than one fifty thousand meals a day in different types of markets which include construction sites, institutions, army camps and 5-star hotels among many varieties of markets.

Following the growing number of people that were visiting Dubai for business errands, Sajwani’s interest in the real estate started growing to be he saw the need of building more hotels to satisfy the needs. All these projects that Sajwani were dealing provided enough capital that he used in pursuing his dreams. Being a thirsty man throughout his life, Hussain Sajwani also started DAMAC Properties which deals with property development. Within a short time, DAMAC became the largest property development company in the Middle East which has completed several projects with others ongoing. Sajwani was able to build DAMAC Properties into a big company within a short period of time because of his experience in law, sales, finance, marketing and administration he had gained throughout his career.

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Jim Toner – Accurate Thinking Success Determining Factor

Jim Toner is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, philanthropist most commonly known from Creating Wealth 101 Systems and a life coach. Toner believes in one of the 17 principals of getting success from Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich; Accurate thinking. This has everything to do with Creating Wealth 101 message.

Jim Toner hardly graduated from high school. However, he believes that if you totally give yourself into accurate thinking, amazing things will start to happen in your life like magic. Most of us believe that to be successful, you have to go to school to be taught, that is not the case with Jim Toner. It is all about accurate thinking, and he repeatedly states this as the major determining factor. Toner is successful in his businesses, owning multiple companies that make millions of dollars every end of the year. He is also an author having written two books and a consultant to multi-millionaires.

Jim Toner trusts that we all have what it takes to get to our desired destinations; some people may have not reached there yet without sounding all-metaphysical. This is because some of these people have set their own limitations in the head. With this great piece of advice in mind, nothing is holding us back in reality from making money, and quite frankly making lots of it. Money isn’t all we need in the world to be successful, having it makes life way much easier than lack of it.

Jim Toner Money Making Hints

  • Take a precise judgment of exactly the situation of what you life is right now: relationships, health, finance, etc., and be honest with yourself.
  • Question yourself what is it that you really expect and want from your life. What exactly is it that is blocking you or rather holding you back from achieving your goals: be it in money, relationships or health.
  • Self appreciation is mandatory for success. You are better than what you think and avoid spending a lot of time on social media.
  • Start worrying about you and your life. Let go of anyone and everyone else worries.

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Dr. Mark McKenna: Investing in the Real Estate Industry

Dr. Mark McKenna is an American physician who later on focused on doing business and community service. He studied at the Tulane University, where he received his Doctor of Medicine degree. After he graduated from the school, he started to take up another course of study and graduated with an MBA. He has been practicing medicine with his father, and when he had free time, he is thinking about establishing his own business. The business was realized years later, and it was a real estate firm. The company, called the McKenna Venture Investments, has been experiencing steady growth since it was established. The company has been actively acquiring other smaller firms, including the Uptown Title Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. Dr. Mark McKenna would soon witness how his business would grow to accommodate around 50 employees, and he will be recognized as the owner of one of the fastest growing real estate businesses in the country.

One of the toughest challenges that he had to face during his career in the real estate business would be the devastation brought upon by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He never realized that the storm would become a threat to his business, and after the disaster hit, he saw his business crashing to the ground. Instead of showing grief and disappointment, Dr. Mark McKenna accepted what has happened and vowed to rise from the ashes. He initiated several programs around New Orleans that would help the locals rebuild their homes and other structures that were destroyed by the hurricane. The construction of middle-sized homes commenced under the direction of Dr. Mark McKenna, and people thanked him for the efforts that he exerted.

Dr. Mark McKenna transferred to Atlanta, Georgia after his projects in New Orleans came into a close. He had a new life in Atlanta, where he established a business called Health company, providing health and wellness services to the locals. He also established OVME which provides elective healthcare to the public. He thanked his colleagues who have been helping him since the day he ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and promised them that his business would continue to grow and expand.