Betsy Devos – article recap

In a recent edition of “Philanthropy Roundtable“, Betsy Devos was interviewed extensively regarding her role in working to improve educational opportunities for children in her home state of Michigan and in other states. Mrs. Devos, who currently serves as Secretary of Education in the cabinet of President Donald Trump, has been active for many years in charitable and political causes.


In the “Philanthropy Roundtable” interview, Mrs. Devos was asked how she came to be involved in the movement to provide school choice. She related her initial involvement to her own search for quality education for her children. She visited the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She found that the school was providing an outstanding educational experience to the students. There were many low-income families at the school who were struggling to pay the tuition at the private school. Betsy Devos knew that she would have no problem with the tuition, but she wanted to help others of more limited means to be able to afford an excellent education for their children.


In order to help the effort toward school choice, Mrs. Devos became a board member with Children First America and The American Education Reform Council. Both of these organizations devoted their efforts to establishing a voucher system in Michigan. While not as successful initially as she hoped, Mrs. Devos and her political allies were eventually successful in adopting legislation that allowed for the creation of charter schools in Michigan.


Later in the interview, Mrs. Devos was asked about where she saw the greatest accomplishments toward the goal of establishing school choice. Mrs. Devos stated that Florida has created a school choice system that currently allowed school choice options for as many 50,000 students. She was also very optimistic about the efforts toward school choice in Louisiana and Indiana. According to Mrs. Devos, these two states have the potential of providing school choice to one million students.


In her current role as Secretary of Education, Mrs. Devos has the opportunity to work for school choice throughout the United States. In addition to her current service, Mrs. Devos has served in a number of charitable roles. She was the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party from 1996 to 2000. The foundation that she founded with her husband is involved in numerous philanthropic pursuits. Learn more: