GreenSky is an American progressive bluegrass band that was founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan during the 2000s. This drummerless jam band consists of five members including Michael Arien Bont, banjo and vocals; Dave Bruzza, guitar and vocals; Paul Hoffman, mandolin and vocals; Mike Devol, upright bass and vocals; and Anders Beck who plays the dobro. GreenSky is well-known for breaking the traditional style of bluegrass, although the genre still remains as the backbone of their music. Their acoustic stomping songs have incorporated a unique mix of rock and roll with the improvisational spirit of prog.

GreenSky have been signed with Big Blue Zoo Records since the release of their first studio album “Less than Supper,” back in 2004. One of their longest and proudest recording sessions was during the completion of their ninth studio album, “Shouted, Written Down & Quoted,” in 2016. The members recorded the 11-track album in two locations: the Mountain House Recording Studio in Colorado and the Echo Mountain Studio in North Carolina. The band has completed their tenth studio album entitled, “All For Money,” that is expected to be released on Jan. 18, 2019. A few days before the album’s release, the band will kick off an “All For Money” winter tour across the entire East Coast with special guests, Circles Around the Sun, Bily Strings and more.

During the summer of 2006, GreenSky were announced as the winners of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival’s annual band competition. As part of their prize, the band played on the festival’s main stage and earned themselves some much-deserved recognition. Since then, they’ve released 8 more studio albums and collaborated with seasoned artists such as Larry Keel, Sam Bush, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzman and Papa Mali. The band actively performs over 170 shows each year and have shared the stage with some of the country’s greatest at famous venues including Red Rocks and the Ryman.

Alex Pall reveals the secret behind their successful identity and their bright future plan.

In a captivating interview with Mathias Rosenzweig, a renowned online editor for magazine, Alex Pall intelligently spells out how he sprung into the limelight in a short while and how his DJ/Producer duo called the chainsmokers maintains an up game in the music industry in line with their future endeavors. Also present in the interview was his counterpart Andrew Taggart.


Forces that pulled the duo together

As Alex Pall puts it into words, the duo had distinct talents before they met and therefore the coming together depicted a multiplier effect of two people who knew what they were doing. This then sparked the fire and made it easier for them to discuss their likes as far as music is concerned and what they should strive to become through self-drive and ambition. The Chainsmokers then started crafting their identity in harmony with how the music industry was taking shape. It took hard work, marketing, producing, DJ skills other core values for the Producer/DJ duo to be tinkered heart to heart through music.


Introspective nature of their songs

Alex Pall says that, the unique nature of their songs which basically revolves around their real lives is attributed to by the fact that they are their own lyrics writers unlike most artists who never write their own songs. Its quite mind boggling to note that, in spite of the lyrics talking about the same people, the songs always come out differently. It turns out that the duo has nailed down who they are and illustrates exactly that into their songs.


Innovative steps for future relevance

Alex Pall recognizes the fact that the needs of the Chainsmokers’ growing audience is constantly changing. Pall therefore counters the audience’s demands by working on things that excite them and pushing themselves a notch further. The dramatical additions have been incorporated in their song ‘Closer’ which features Drew love and a bigger performance element. Further the duo is putting on an entirely curated show, with short acts in addition to what they do. This innovative step has made it unbelievably possible for the Red Rock tickets to sell out seven months in advance.


More about Alex Pall

Alex Pall’s interesting journey in the music industry started in the City of New York. Pall begun his career as a side hustle because it was bizarre pursuing something that feels more like fun ( Djying ) as the main job. Over time and with a little exposure he decided to focus on his talent where he met Drew and the love at first sight sparked what has now made him an icon of success.