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Specializing in investment opportunities and alternative financial solutions, Equities First Holdings is the result of Al Christy’s pioneering spirit. Created in 2002, Equities First Holdings is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Though this location employs roughly 30 staffers, Equities First Holdings is exceedingly renowned. EFH’s worldwide status is in large part due to their global operations. Said offices are in London, Perth, Sydney, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and Singapore.

In essence, Equities First Holdings takes a unique approach to financing, delivering blue-chip solutions via progressive thinking. More specifically, they provide customized services that center around non-purpose funding. As a result, Equities First Holdings aims to “supply liquidity.” This tactic has been dubbed “innovating borrowing,” and the name is undoubtedly apt. Equities First Holdings is still a prominent name in the industry, and they continue to provide top-of-the-line financing alternatives to individuals and corporations alike.

Mike Bagguley Has Been Appointed To Accelerate The Bank’s Restructuring Process

The Promotion

Mike Bagguley, the head of Barclays Plc’s marco markets business has been promoted to COO of the investment bank. His goal will be to speed up the restructuring of company. He will report to the bank’s CEO Tom King. The investment bank is being trimmed to reduce costs and raise profitability. Another task Mike Bagguley will have is to align infrastructure functions and assist in the coordination and delivery of projects as well as be involved with the bank’s executive committee. The bank has been without a COO for more than six months. Tom King mentioned that the bank’s third-quarter numbers prove the strategic decisions the bank made but there was still more work to be done. He believes that the new COO will give the firm the ability to build on the changes that have already been made, as well as the momentum to move faster for the bank’s clients. He also mentioned that the co-heads of macro trading and the head of macro distribution would work together to lead the bank’s macro products division.


Mike Bagguley has supervised the trimming and restructuring of the marco business. These changes include interest rates, commodities products, and foreign exchange. The bank had committed to a three year plan to get rid of 7,000 jobs, which makes up a quarter of the total employees. So far, the bank was on point with the workforce reduction. The changes were deemed necessary since trading revenues dropped and regulations got tougher. These issues were affecting the bank’s profitability. Barclays, Deutsche Bank, and various others decided to reduce trading activities and allocate resources that weren’t affected like advisory and equities.

New Chief Operating Officer Background

Mike Bagguley attended the University of Warwick. He received a B.S. in Mathematics when he graduated in 1988. In 2001 he started at Barclays and worked on the fixed income trading desk in London. Since then he had senior roles in London, New York, Tokyo, and Johannesburg. While he has been at Barclay’s guiding the restructuring, he was able to produce improvements in the bank’s performance right away.

Stream Energy: Stream Cares

Stream Energy, a Dallas-based energy company, was recently featured in an article on regarding the company’s philanthropic efforts in Texas and across the country. The article announces that the company has created the Stream Cares Foundation in order to increase their philanthropic endeavors.

Stream Energy has taken part in the relief of both Hurricane Harvey and the 2016 tornado that hit Texas. Stream Energy has forged long-term relationships with both the Habitat for Humanity Foundation and the American Red Cross Association.

In 2016, Stream offered support through almost $19 billion dollars to a variety of charities, not including the non-monetary support that they provided through sponsorship, cause-marketing and their associates time.

Stream Energy is also tackling Texas homelessness through cooperation with Hope Supply Co. Stream has been working with Hope Supply Co. for more than four years and is involved in the annual Splash for Hope event. This event allows homeless children the opportunity to go to a water park and be fed, as well as receive the supplies they need such as diapers, clothing, and school supplies.

Not only does Stream work with other organizations, but they host and fund events for people in the community that need the support. For example, the company arranged transportation for veterans and their families to have a nice family meal in December. The next day Stream took 10 military daughters for the American Girl Doll Experience. The 10 girls were able to choose an American Girl Doll and then eat in the American Girl Doll Cafe, all paid for by Stream Energy.

Stream does not just donate money, but also time and employees. Both Stream associates and the leadership of the energy company are involved in the outreach that they provide for their community. Stream Energy is a great model for how business can use their influence for good, helping to lift their community rather than squashing it in the name of capitalism.

Sahm Adrangi Contribution in the Business World

Project management has taken an entirely different dimension where a capitalist has to seek professional advice before undertaking any form of investment. Sahm Adrangi is one of these analysts. He has been assisting investors to make profitable decisions. It is through his extensive research that the investment industry has managed to stand and revolutionize. Sahm Adrangi has been addressing people in seminars and conferences as well.

Most of the times investors who have been so successful have mentors who have been guiding them all through. In fact, it is not a wonder to find a group of investors joins hands to organize meetings where they invite these financial analysts for facilitation. Whitney Tilson has benefited a great deal from this sorts of meetings. He has invested highly in this knowledge to a point of inviting the analysts to give their point of view on certain issues. The beauty in this form of meetings is that different individuals are assigned different topics to handle. This means that by the end of it all, capitalists will have adequate knowledge concerning various projects.

Sahm Adrangi has been in the industry for a couple of years. He has carried out investment projects that are doing great. This makes him very resourceful when it comes to facilitation since he always does it out of the experience. Research has also contributed to his undebatable performance in the recent past. Kerrisdale Capital is one of his businesses that has indeed set a record which is yet to be broken. Sahm Adrangi has also condemned some business people who come up with scam businesses to make money. He even came up with a list of all false companies that had been in operation as a way of encouraging ethics in business.

Whenever Sahm Adrangi is invited to facilitate, he always takes advantage to create awareness of illegal enterprises. Not all businesses are legally in place. At times, investors may take advantage of the fact that probably the government is not keen on them. His advice to the upcoming investors is that the only way to avoid falling into the temptation of fraud is by doing your best.

Fortress Investment Group achieves excellent success

If you are careful in the financial sector, you may have heard of Fortress Investment Group. The company has today become a global investment company although it has come from a humble beginning. The company is known for its ability to diversify wealth whereby it is worth over $43 billion. Fortress Investment Group began in 1998 and had grown to the point of managing assets for more than 1700 organizations and individuals interested in investing. The company employs various strategies when it comes to an investment like credit, private equity, real estate and permanent capital investment.

The operation of the company is underinvestment performance principle, and this ensures those with strong risk adjustment have high returns when it comes to long-term investment. The company has affiliate offices globally because they aim to serve their customers diligently. However, its headquarters are located in New York, United States. Fortress investment Group has also employed over 900 workers and among those it works with over 200 professionals in the investment field. The organization’s core competencies include ensuring all the customers are satisfied and there is revenue generation.

The company’s main competencies include private equity and credit funds. The company is also successful because of leaders who have the technical knowledge leads it. With this knowledge, they can know the best ways of investing to yield returns for the company and its customers. To perform well, it conducts proper research, and with this research, they can make the right decisions when it comes to investment. The workforce has people are adequately trained in doing research and understanding the conditions of the market. It also has efficiency operations and management because it is led by leaders who are able.

Its operations include assessing Fortress Group’s structures, the strategic challenges faced by the company and other operations involved in running the company. Those are the tools that enable the company even to succeed even when the market is complex. The current market is challenging, and for a company to achieve success there is the need to have the right tools that it can use to achieve success. That is how Fortress investment Group has managed to be a leader in the market today.


Madison Street Capital is a worldwide banking investment organization that is entirely dedicated to integrity, prosperity by conveying corporate financial advisory services, affiliation, and procurement skills to both private and public business organizations. These services position their customers to prevail in the worldwide global market. Anthony Marsala is the Co-Founder of Madison Street Capital.


Anthony is in charge of regulating the everyday exercises of Madison Street Capital, including customer connections, activities, innovation and corporate improvement capacities. He additionally fills in as an individual from Madison Street Capital’s Management Committee. Anthony aged 20-year is a veteran of the venture banking industry and a Chicago local, graduated from the University of Chicago and the University of Oxford in England.


The investment firm perspectives are developing markets as the center part driving the global development of its customers and to keep on focusing significant resources on the business sectors. The firm has earned the trust of customers around the globe by enduring commitment and transparency to deliver quality services.


Madison Street Capital has confidence in building stable organizations within communities everywhere throughout the United States. Through the commitment to the requirements of its customers and providing philanthropic reinforcement to associations like the United Way, MSC Madison Street Capital works dedicated to making an impact to both the local and international level.


Situated in Alexandria, Virginia, the United Way uses a national system and a robust open commitment ability to enhance lives and inspire communities. The focal point of United Way is distinguishing and settling fundamental community problems, and also putting out measures to improve in the community through association with schools, government offices, organizations, financial establishments and neighborhood affiliations. In the year 2008, the association started a program that was intended to advance education system, help different communities accomplish financial security by the year 2018.


Madison Street Capital’s group of experts have excellent skills and extensive connections making it one of the world’s debut center market investment keeping banking firms. The leading supplier of corporate finance and acquisitions (M&A) consultant, MSC experts, can organize the suitable financing and capitalizations organize to suit every customer’s particular needs and wants. The organization headquartered in the central market venture banking firm based in Chicago, which has branches in Africa, Asia, and North America.


The organization draws on extended periods of joined understanding to give an assortment of money related administrations that incorporate center market venture banking, rebuilding administrations, valuation and M&A administrations for hedge funds. Madison Street Capital’s effects having helped customers in a differing scope of ventures; the experts comprehend that all conditions request careful analysis & precise recommendations. For entrepreneurs searching for acquisitions, advertising a business and issues of corporate administration Madison Street Capital has a background marked by execution and greatness in the venture keeping money industry.


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Madison Street Capital engages the merger between Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value

Madison Street Capital is an international financial institutional body that works hand-in-hand with middle-income markets. In the recap of this article, Madison Street Capital presumed the position of acting as the intermediary in the merger. The merger was between DCG Software Value and Spitfire Group. DCG Software Value is a global software provider of function point analysis, software value management, and software estimation services. Spitfire, on the other hand, is a business technology-consulting firm located in Denver.


Madison Street Capital has recently amplified over the past couple of years it has been in operation, especially in the innovation of software and hardware applications sector. Regarding economizing the software industry, MSC has aided the industry in growing by a large margin particularly in cloud computing and software-as-a-service. Such services have progressively created chances in the application of end-user facilities. Remaining at the top regardless of the challenges faced. Setbacks like piracy, litigation, high development and research costs, and exorbitant labour costs. Charles Botchway, the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, prompted the merger, which was led by Jay Rodgers.


However, the terms of negotiations were not shared with the public. Mike Harris, Chief Executive Officer of DCG Software Value, commended Charles and Mark Richermeyer, CEO of Spitfire Group on the success of the merger. Mr Rodgers showered Madison Street Capital with praise for previous successful engagements. The sole purpose of the alliance was to improve consumer satisfaction towards the software developed. The merger proves to be successful as the achievement of higher additional value by expanding facilities is within reach.


DCG Software Value was started in 1994. It offers software services to multiple companies of all sizes and magnitudes. The maximizing flow of software development among software companies has been it’s primary aim. It has led to better decision making, resource management, and quantifying the impact of the industry. A software program is a computer system consisting of data and computer instructions. DCG Software Value has been in business for several years now developing such. Its merger with Spitfire Group was a plus to the software tech industry. Out of the several functions of DCG Software Value, Function Point Analysis is a method of functional size measurement.


The system scales the functionality given to its consumers based on the consumer’s external view of requirements. The software is migrated to the production application at project implementation. Software value management is a project managing procedure that aids in the integration of three related mechanisms conjugating with project performance, they include; scope, cost, and schedule. Lastly is the software estimation service. It involves predicting the most realistic amount of effort required to make and maintain software. Incomplete, uncertain, and noisy input are some of the harsh methods used. Spitfire Group began in 2004 as a business tech-consulting firm. Some of the services it offers are architecture assessments, development, and integration services. Also, it transacts custom development projects.


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