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Shiraz Boghani is currently a Partner of Sussex Health Care. In addition, Mr. Boghani also manages Splendid Hotels. Sussex Health Care provides care and rehabilitation services for those affected by trauma as well as disorders that affect the neurological system. In addition, Sussex Health Care also has the capabilities to accommodate those afflicted with Autism.

The facility is currently located in West Sussex. Private rooms are available for all residents as well as kitchen and dining room privileges. In addition, a spacious game room and sitting room is also on premises.

According to, the facility has trained staff members including Physicians as well as Registered nurses. The professional staff members will work closely with residents in an attempt to improve their current neurological condition. Sussex Health Care has helped a variety of individuals with their profession medical assistance as well as their caring and devotion. Staff members are available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

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Through the efforts of Shiraz Boghani, Sussex Health Care offers Holistic as well as Occupational therapy for those in need. Mr. Boghani was also responsible for creating an exceptional activity program as well as a special gym for those in need of physical rehabilitation. Boghani has made the facility a comfortable place with every possible accommodation to make residents feel right at home.

Possibly the most appealing feature of Sussex Health is that the facility now offers residents the opportunity to further their education as well as work skills. This is something that Shiraz Boghani was able to provide by working tirelessly in an attempt to get final approval from the educational program director.

Mr. Boghani has plans to expand Sussex Health Care. Boghani is continually working to make Sussex Health Care one of the top rated facilities within the entire Sussex area. Shiraz Boghani takes a personal interest in making the facility a special place where people come to receive extraordinary care, useful therapy, educational tools and a place that many can call home.

Shiraz Boghani seems to possess leadership skills as well as the ability to get the job done. This is why he has become a critical part of the daily operations of Sussex Health Care. Please view An on line introductory video can be viewed through the company web site.

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