How Evolution of Smooth (EOS) Became a Household name in Lip Balm

The beauty regime of women is ritualistic and connects them to their femininity but also makes them feel great about themselves. It is not just the product itself that matters, it is the way the product is packaged and the way it makes them feel. When the company EOS began looking in the drug stores to find an area of the beauty section that was being neglected, they discovered that most chapsticks were uniform, uninteresting and dull.

This is where EOS comes in to save the day. Their lip balm, coming in a beautiful pot and easy to use, began to be stocked on shelves. Say goodbye to everyday chapstick forever. EOS partners and cofounders Jonathan Teller, along with Craig Dubitsky and Sanjiv Mehra, decided to market the balm to millennial women between 25 and 35, and since their inception, EOS lip balm has flow off the shelves, at a million units sold a week.

Marketing and packaging were integral to their success, says Teller. They made sure that packaging, the smell of the balm, and its image was pleasing and would contribute positively to a woman’s beauty regime. Even so, they were uninterested in being a one-off product that quickly lost customers when the shine wore off.

EOS lip balms are sold primarily at Well drug stores, Walmart and Target supermarket. Online merchants eBay and Amazon sell EOS too. They are three dollars a tub but are made with organic ingredients which make them stand out to people who are conscious of what they use on their body, Look for them during your shopping days and discover a beautiful, enriching alternative to chapstick.