Enhanced Athlete is Cleared in Lawsuit Against Nutrition Distribution

Enhanced Athlete in facing its lawsuit from Nutrition Distribution has won its case and has been able to convince the Judge in the District Court of California to override the injunction plea of Nutrition Distribution. Enhanced Athlete pleaded the fact that Nutrition Distribution is in the business of starting lawsuits to settle out of court. Enhanced Athlete showed that Nutrition Distribution has recently filed over 70 lawsuits against supplemental companies lie Enhanced Athlete and argued that their motive was to have companies respond to the case and desist letters as an alternative to settle these cases out of court. Enhanced Athlete, the Cheyenne, Wyoming company has also stated that it was the recipient of several letters sent by Nutrition Distribution that it demanded payment as a remedy to its loss of sales because of Enhanced Athlete’s false advertising of its products, which effected Nutrition Distribution’s sales.

The California District Court Judge denied the injunction pleaded by Nutrition Distribution and judgment in favor of the evidence brought forth by Enhanced Athlete.

Enhanced Athlete further argued that Nutrition Distribution has never been able to show that advertising done by Enhanced Athlete was a direct result of the loss in sales of Nutrition Distribution. Scott Cavell, CEO of Enhanced Athlete, called Nutrition Distribution’s claims a “shakedown scheme,” and argued it would not allow itself to be the “next victim” of Nutrition Distribution.

The legal representatives of Enhanced Athlete admitted that the Court has shown its decision in favor of Enhanced Athlete showed Nutrition Distribution failed t bring substantial evidence of a causal link between its loss of sales and the alleged misleading advertising carried out by Enhanced Athlete.

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