How GoBuySide Overcomes Obstacles In Recruitment

The investment management industry thrives on growth. As such, you would think that managers and CEOs of investment management firms have it all in order when it comes to hiring people who will be able to move their firms forward and bring them to the next level. However, many owners of investment management firms say that they are not confident in their ability to find people who will be able to properly manage their company and bring it to the next level. One of the first obstacles to overcome is that there is simply a lot of competition for high quality talent. The reality is that talent that specializes in investment management is in high demand.

There are many positions available to these people in many sectors of the finance industry. However, not all is lost. When looking at the obstacles to overcome, you have to think about the solutions. In this particular case, the solution is to simply work with recruitment agencies that already have a track record of actually finding high quality talent to fill positions. GoBuySide is a stellar example of such a recruitment agency. One of the problems that recruitment agencies often face is that they have difficulties when it comes to networking.

The reality is that there is so much noise out there nowadays. Sure, there is Facebook and Twitter, but that is hardly a good strategy for actually finding highly specialized talent. Fortunately, GoBuySide is one of those recruitment agencies that do not actually rely on these networking methods to procure their talent. Instead, they have a ready pool of high qualified individuals that they can work with. They will match these individuals to specific positions that they are qualified for. This will be based on their previous experience and so on.


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Equity First Holdings on the Rise

In a recent article published by the French Tribune you will find a detailed overview of Equities First Holdings’ predicted financial status for the upcoming year based on successes from previous years. The company started in 2002 is set to make a massive rise in the loaning and lending industry, a precursor to a highly beneficial fiscal year. The company has used it’s focus on providing financial solutions globally at an affordable rate to gain massive traction in stock-based loans.

Through these strategic loans EFH has been able to hold long term accounts with leading investment banks globally, placing them in the forerunners of stock-based loan companies. Their United States based branch of the company is celebrating 700 successfully completed transactions, bringing their total to over $1 Billion in lending to its clients in the past four years. One of the many reasons individuals and businesses choose to use Equities First Holdings as their loan company of choice is their locked in interest rates, allowing customers to settle credit easily within the company.

Unconventionally EFH allows clients to leave the loan at any time, allowing borrowers the freedom of clearing their credit; this allows the borrower to feel at ease when choosing a stock-based loan. To conclude, Equities First Holdings is the only international loan and lending company that offers such freedom and peace of mind when selecting long-term Equity loans, creating a viable way for borrowers to feel confident in their financial decisions when investing into EFH.