All about Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a reformer and has all through been an active member in the educational reform movement. She is a graduate of Calvin College where she actively participated in the University Politics. Betsy has been a lead at different party organizations and campaign. She was once the chairman of the Republican Party for around six years.

Betsy DeVos is married to Dick DeVos who was an aspirant for the governorship of Michigan nominated by the Republican Party. This is a clear indication that the spirit of reforming runs through the family. Betsy DeVos has a variety of leadership roles such as the chairman of the American Federation for Children, Alliance of School Choice and the Windquest Group, a firm they established back in the year 1989 in collaboration with her husband. The firm basically invests in manufacturing, clean energy and technology. Dick DeVos was once the president of the Orlando magic NBA franchise and the Amway.

In an exclusive interview, Betsy said that it was not just instantly that she joined educational-movement reforms but the whole process was a step by step affair. She said that when her children were at a school going age, her together with the husband, they paid a visit to Potters House Christian School. The school for a long period of time, it had been serving children mainly those from low income families and while there, they got to have a word or two with several parents. They visited the school more frequently from then and they learnt that most of the parents there experienced difficulties when it came to payment their children’s fees. That kind of situation triggered them to offer support to individual students at the school and this became a great commitment.

This kind of dedication made them even think on a wider perspective about education and by doing so, Dick expressed his interest in vying for the State Board of Education in Michigan which he successfully managed. After the elections, Betsy DeVos established a foundation through which she gave out scholarships to students from families that earned little income. She was also working with two national charities which both worked towards expanding educational choice through vouchers and tax credits.

Betsy DeVos was born back in the year 1958 into a wealthy, conservative prince family. She practices religion as a Christian as she was raised at a church in Holland. She is a dedicated family woman with a husband, Dick DeVos, and four already grown up children. The family has all through been contributing to conservative religious and political causes.

Betsy DeVos pursues reforms by manipulation of several nonprofit roles. She chairs their family foundation and her charitable efforts are felt in the entire nation. Betsy also actively participates in several national and local boards like the DeVos Institute for Arts Management among others. She is largely known as a senior advocate for the educational choice movement.


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Dick DeVos Is Transitioning His Hometown through New Policies

Dick DeVos has been the center of attention in Grand Rapids. This is following his tremendous, contribution to modernizing the city. In 1991, the town’s officials wanted to construct a multi-purpose sports center. When Dick DeVos heard about it, he called the town officials to launch a complaint. Dick DeVos did not want to be part of the project as it would interfere with the geographical alignment of the city. Aside from refusing to be part of the plan, he lobbied against the idea that would later be detrimental to the city. DeVos remembers the ordeal. He recently said that the lesson was embedded in their brains.


Background Information

Dick DeVos campaigned against the construction of a sports facility in Grand Rapids. The result was the foundation of Grand Action. This is a business group of influential leaders. These leaders promoted the establishment of Van Andel Arena, and a market called Grand Rapids. The mentioned structures have contributed to the economic development of Grand Rapids.


Dick Leads Grand Rapids to Success

Betsy and Dick DeVos are the heirs of some of the greatest families in Grand Rapids. They commit their time and effort to transition the city through new policies. Being recognized officials, the duo has tried to influence change in the institutions. Their political positions have also contributed to their ability to change the city.


Founding Charter Schools

Betsy DeVos, with the assistance of her husband Dick DeVos, influenced the foundation of charter schools. Dick DeVos, on the other side, came up with a law that transitioned Michigan to a city that recognizes employment outside union membership.


Education Reforms

The DeVos have a tremendous influence on education and charity. They come from Michigan’s wealthiest families and have since used their wealth to improve people’s lives. In 2016, the election night, the DeVos family earned bronze recognition for their input in the community.


Betsy’s Contribution

Dick’s wife is known as Betsy DeVos. She is competent in multiple fields. As an innovator and leader in matters of advocacy, Betsy DeVos has nurtured many students in America, thanks to her contribution to education reforms. Betsy works with Dick to transform people’s lives by contributing to charity.


Dick’s Profile

Dick DeVos hails from a wealthy family. The man is prominent for working with his wife to better people’s lives. Dick DeVos worked for Amway as a pilot. He oversaw the administration of federal aviation. Recently, he got a job at the American Department of Transportation Secretary. This gives him more reasons to travel and visit Betsy his wife, who is the secretary of education.


Leadership Roles

Dick joins six members in the panel. He will oversee logistics and management. The panel advises senior managers on policy management, spending, long-term planning as well as regulatory matters.


Additional Information

The former executive leader of Amway owns Windquest Group. This company is based in Grand Rapids. It holds several companies by managing their operations. Some of the companies include Coppercraft Distillery as well as the Stow Company. In addition to these roles, Dick DeVos has transformed the Gerald R. Ford Airport. Dick also managed a group of business professionals who were responsible for convincing Southwest to launch routes into and out of Grand Rapids airport.


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Betsy DeVos Child Centric Philanthropic Efforts

Everything that Betsy DeVos does is to make children have a better life and to create new opportunities for children to be able to have a better life in the coming years. She recognizes children as the future and knows that they will not be able to have the same opportunities if it isn’t for making their lives better. She also knows that it is important to do what she can in her current position to make all of her past philanthropic efforts worth it for the children who she is so supportive of. She knows that it will be a great way for her to make things better and to allow the children to have more opportunities for their lives. It is something that gives her the chance at being better at what she does and with the different things that she can work on for children.

Know more:

One of the first efforts that DeVos took toward being philanthropic and helping out others was the ability to try new things with the arts. She wanted children to have access to the arts no matter who they were or where they came from. Because of this, she came up with programs that would allow children to benefit from all of the different arts and the options that were included with those. She also worked to make sure that she was going to be able to provide those opportunities. It was something that she knew a lot about and she passed her knowledge to others.

After establishing programs for underprivileged children to learn about the arts and the different opportunities that were available to them, she then focused on the broken education system. She wanted all children to have the same chances that she had while she was growing up and to be able to get the most out of the education that they were receiving. In many instances, this meant that the children would have to go to private schools. Their parents were not able to afford it, though, so Betsy DeVos helped to launch voucher and charter programs for the children to get the best educational opportunities possible. She helped a lot with those programs as a part of her philanthropic attitude.

Once she had realized that she had a passion for philanthropy, Betsy Devos and her husband launched their own foundation. She knew that she wanted to help with educational opportunities but they also worked together to create programs for leadership, for communities and for the future of children. They wanted to make sure that everyone was taken care of and that all children had equal opportunities to succeed and be the best that they could be no matter what. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.