Dr. Mark McKenna: Investing in the Real Estate Industry

Dr. Mark McKenna is an American physician who later on focused on doing business and community service. He studied at the Tulane University, where he received his Doctor of Medicine degree. After he graduated from the school, he started to take up another course of study and graduated with an MBA. He has been practicing medicine with his father, and when he had free time, he is thinking about establishing his own business. The business was realized years later, and it was a real estate firm. The company, called the McKenna Venture Investments, has been experiencing steady growth since it was established. The company has been actively acquiring other smaller firms, including the Uptown Title Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. Dr. Mark McKenna would soon witness how his business would grow to accommodate around 50 employees, and he will be recognized as the owner of one of the fastest growing real estate businesses in the country.

One of the toughest challenges that he had to face during his career in the real estate business would be the devastation brought upon by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He never realized that the storm would become a threat to his business, and after the disaster hit, he saw his business crashing to the ground. Instead of showing grief and disappointment, Dr. Mark McKenna accepted what has happened and vowed to rise from the ashes. He initiated several programs around New Orleans that would help the locals rebuild their homes and other structures that were destroyed by the hurricane. The construction of middle-sized homes commenced under the direction of Dr. Mark McKenna, and people thanked him for the efforts that he exerted.

Dr. Mark McKenna transferred to Atlanta, Georgia after his projects in New Orleans came into a close. He had a new life in Atlanta, where he established a business called Health company, providing health and wellness services to the locals. He also established OVME which provides elective healthcare to the public. He thanked his colleagues who have been helping him since the day he ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and promised them that his business would continue to grow and expand.


Doe Deere Gives Cosmetic Wearers The Keys To Success

Your cosmetics should always enhance your beauty. Your every beauty ritual should be worth the effort, and dependent on the brand you use. It’s hard for many people to believe the youthful face of Doe Deere is behind the Lime Crime brand. She knew from a young age, cosmetic colors is important to her professional career. She started out with novelty tattoos in her native Russia. Deere popularized temporary tattoos by wearing them, and then selling them to her friends. She learned the art of marketing, and how to appreciate people who follow your brand. Today, Deere is a successful marketing tech, and technology expert.

Deere believes to be successful you must learn to appreciate people for their time, instead, of their money. She believes the true keys to success is valuing the time of your clients. She learned to appreciate people who attended her functions, and supported her brand. She admits her peers were not always comfortable about her unconventional way of thinking about colors, but her design school certification changed their perspective. She works hard to be the flame behind her goals everyday with hard work, taking risks, and expanding her brand.

Lime Crime is an exclusively line of lipstick, and eye-shadow products with a completely waterproof formula. Get popular colors like Beet It, and Purple Sorbet. Her models on the Lime Crime website are from all ethnicities to give you a clear visual of how each color will look on your skin type. You’ll be able to match their colors precisely to your new hairdo, outfit, or mood. Her cosmetics demand her users be unapologetic about finding a new identity. Deere has aspired to create colors inspiring girls, and guys around the world. You can choose from unique colors that are hard to find with competitor cosmetic brands.

You won’t find LC products in retail stores, but select Bloomingdales department stores offer exclusive products. You’re also invited to visit their website for more free shipping promotional offers. Join the thousands of wearers around the world on YouTube for great ways to mix, match, and blend Lime Crime cosmetics today. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doedeere