Ways Through Which Oncotarget Maximizes Cancer Research

I am impressed to notice that Oncotarget has been quite in the limelight in the recent past. It is a peer-review journal that enhances research on cancer. In a bid to increase the research and motivate the specialists, they prompt the authors in particular ways. Various scholars with interest inclining towards cancer publish their papers on Oncotarget. Some Oncotarget members have been awarded for their selflessness and exceptional service in their research. Lately, Oncotarget is approving publications on topics beyond oncology, cardiology, pharmacology, metabolism, cell biology, and several other fields. At Oncotarget, they are committed to publishing weekly issues, which are free for access. Should need be, some of the papers can be printed on demand.

Download: http://endnote.com/downloads/style/oncotarget

Causes That Oncotarget Serves

Their primary goal is to make research material available. By allowing passage of insightful, punctual and constructive information, Oncotarget maximizes the impact of studies in a significant manner. Majorly, they do not focus on sidelining any of the biomedical fields. In any case, they work towards fostering applications of fundamental and clinical science. It helps them a great deal in fighting against diseases. It has continually realized its purpose, given that it is spearheaded by some of the most prominent researchers. They believe that it is profoundly reasonable to believe in life without disease. The launching of sections beyond oncology was inspired by the success of the journal. In several occasions, Oncotarget’s papers have been rated highly by Altmetric Attention Score.

Details on How Altmetric Attention Score

Usually, people opt for the strategy because it helps them maintain their reputation. They allow you to monitor your published reports. Through the platform, you can as well engage with individuals who might be interested in your publication. By so doing, you benefit by adding to your academic profiling.


I find it quite fascinating to learn about individuals who are committed to seeing the healthcare industry grow. Most of the prominent scientists are among those that support the peer-review. As times advances, the journal keeps on gaining momentum and receiving appreciations. Again, the researchers that upload documents ensure accuracy and substantial information. The world can finally have hope in fighting against cancer and other life-threatening conditions. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.