Robert Ivy: CEO Of American Institute Of Architects

As human beings, our bodies require regular exercising. This is something that we may all have learned in some medically related subjects. However, as much as it stressed on, many of us do nothing to accomplish it. We tend to like the unhealthy living ways which ultimately lead to health problems. Our health should be the priority in anything that we do. For good performance, our bodies need to be in the best shape. We should, therefore, make sure that in as much as we are working. We need to have time to know a few things about healthy living.
There is one thing that we may not know. There is a high correlation between design and our health. How we perform in under one environment may not be the same in a different environment. For someone working in an area that has a supply of fresh air and good outside view, the performance may be different from those who work in closed rooms with poor ventilation. The performance of our body is critical, and therefore, for maximum productivity, we need to have to enable environment. Design of the office space is critical as just any other working or living space. If we embrace good design work, we might increase our productivity even without knowing that we are doing so. It will happen automatically because there is a way our bodies will respond to the environment.

According to architect Robert Ivy, there is a lot that design work can do in helping people live a better life that is healthy. Design can help us exercise unknowingly. A good example is a building that uses stairs versus one that is using elevators. People in a building that has stairs may lead a healthier life than their counterparts in elevators because they are exercising. As basic as this may look, it has an impact on our lives.
Now, this is just the beginning of the thing we should expect going forward. Architects now are working with people in the health industry to ensure that there is an aspect of healthy design. The design may be intended to make us think deeply about things or even boost our performance. Generally, architects are now paying more attention to this aspect of design as they try to revolutionize the building industry. With innovative people like Robert Ivy who are concerned with the productivity of the people, this is a milestone that will be set in the industry. Robert Ivy believes that there is much architects can do to impact the lives of the people positively.

About Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy is the Executive vice president of the largest organization of architects in the United States. As the CEO of this organization, he is trying to push the industry into activities that will help the people more. Robert has been a senior editor with Architectural Records where he left a legacy of overseeing over 33 publications in both print and digital media.