Alex Hern Is Lending His Unique Insight To A Unique New Firm That He Calls Tsunami:

Virtual Reality and its cousin Augmented Reality have both gotten a lot of attention over the last handful of years, but the truth is that Augmented Reality is already working its way into people’s workplaces. A major difference between these two cousins is that, so far, VR has been focused on the area of entertainment as where AR has quickly been utilized in more practical manner. The bottom line with Augmented Reality is the fact that it is the real world but overlapped by a virtual element. In this rapidly growing industry, the company known as Tsunami XR is quickly becoming a major force in this field.

Tsunami XR is the creation of tech entrepreneur Alex Hern. He brings a wealth of prior experience to the work that he is now doing with Tsunami XR. Throughout the course of his more than two and a half decade career, Alex Hern focused on a number of companies that were in their startup and early stages of development. One of the most notable achievements of Alex Hern prior to the founding of Tsunami XR was his work founding and directing the work of the IPO that provided the search tech for internet search engines such as AOL and Yahoo. Alex Hern was also the businessman behind the founding of the cybersecurity firm known as Arcsight and he has served as a board member with encryption outfit Zero Knowledge Systems.

Tsunami has recently expanded its operations and has moved into a newly finished office facility that is known by the name of Torrey Point Office Campus. Alex Hern was thrilled that Tsunami had the opportunity to become the very first occupant of this great new office campus and the company now occupies a workspace with over 32 thousand square feet of total space. Tsunami has also brought in two-hundred new employees along with this move into a new office home. This move has meant a great boom for employment in this local economy as well.

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