The Unicorn Darling Of The Financial Industry

David Zalik may not have known that he was about to create a company that would one day generate $800 million dollars in capital when it launched its IPO, but he did have faith in his own abilities. The man is incredibly bright having been accepted into Auburn University when he had only finished the eighth grade. He decided that he would skip high school and head straight to university. He changed his mind yet again while he was in school and decided to drop out in order to pursue his dream of building up GreenSky.

You might think someone that has the courage of their convictions so much that they drop out of school to build that dream would like to be the center of attention, but not David Zalik. The founder of GreenSky has frequently avoided interview requests preferring to stay out of the limelight and simply work on building up the business that he cares so much about.

GreenSky has helped change the landscape when it comes to how people apply for and receive loans for their home improvement projects. It has made it as simple as pressing a few buttons on an app to receive the kind of funding that you require in order to make your home into the palace that you have always dreamed of. GreenSky works with partner banks to find the kind of loan for almost any customer that comes to them in need of funds.

This company has sparked so much interest that they were able to go public to much fanfare. They trade on the NASDAQ under the ticker GSKY. You can start to own your own little piece of the empire that Mr. Zalik has built up. You have to admire the hard work that he has put into this, and you can be equally happy that you can now get your own share of it if you so choose.

This has been hailed as one of the great financial apps in existence right now. It is said to be a unicorn of the financial industry, and there is no question that the nearly two million customers that it has already served are quite happy to be a part of it.

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