Ryan Seacrest Juggles His Way Through Life Just Like The Rest Of Us

New York New York

Ryan Seacrest left Los Angelos over a year ago to take a seat next to Kelly Ripa on their show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Though it took some time to get used to the forever changing New York weather, he has settled into the New York way of life. He is able to host is syndicated show On Air with Ryan from New York. He still has to fly back to LA for other commitments such as American Idol.

Other jobs

Producer Seacrest has several other jobs that he is juggling. He has a clothing line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction, which is sold exclusively at Macy’s Department Store. He also has his own skin care line called Polish. This does not include the many shows in which he produces such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Work to eat

As per hollywoodreporter.com, Ryan Seacrest has said on several occasions that he works in order to eat good food and drink good wine. Though with his schedule being what it is, weekday eating is a challenge, however, weekends are a different story. Seacrest enjoys the slow pace of a family style meal where people can relax and enjoy themselves.

Say yes

Ryan Seacrest had to train himself to wait to the afternoons to take care of things that are long-term or require some thought. Though this did not come easy for him, he learned that the afternoons were the best time for him to make discussions. He also has learned that if you want to be thought of being successful, you need to either say yes or got it. Seacrest has learned to quickly answer emails with that two-word phrase got it which seems enough to make everyone happy.

Gives to others

Ryan Seacrest takes his successful seriously and gives back as much as he can. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation builds media studios in children’s hospitals. Patients can be creative while healing. Follow Seacrest on Twitter.

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