Ancient Trabuco: A War Machine

It is a siege weapon that was used during middle ages. Being a weapon, it used to crash those masonry walls when attacking the enemies. The other role it had was to throw to the enemies the fire projectiles. This is the way it worked like a catapult. Sometimes the people used to refer it as balancing Trabuco, as a way to distinguish it from the other weapons. The machine is Brazil was referred to as revolve shotguns because of its popularity.

It came at a time when a deadly Trabuco arrived and it was being referred to as counterweight blunderbuss. In history, it is believed to have come from countries that are near the Mediterranean where the people were Muslims and Christians. It was a good machine that even threw 140 kilos weight of a projectile and threw it with very high speed. That weighted projectile could even be thrown up to 800 meters long and the funny thing with the machine is that it was also relatively accurate according to Some reports said that the machine was used to bring biological warfare. This is how they used the machine. They could get infected bodies that had deadly diseases, then they launch the bodies so that they could infect the people they were attacking at this was first adopted during the middle ages era.


The invention of Trabucos is believed to have originated from China according to It was around 400 BC when the Chinese people invented the machine but later they brought it to other countries. In Europe, it is believed to have arrived in 600AD. The machine was abandoned sooner after the new gunpowder technology came to the country.

Any machine is a scientific invention and it has the principles it applies. Trabuco machine has its mechanism where it converts the potential energy which is pulling then converts it into kinetic energy. This is the gravitational potential energy which is being converted and it has a mechanism that is derived from a sling. When potential energy is being converted, not all will form kinetic energy and therefore some will dissipates and will form the friction. The size of counterweight should be directly proportional to the velocity of which projectile has. This is because when the counterweight is large, the projectile becomes very strong when launched.

In the present days, Trabuco is now used as a form of fun where it is used by teachers to explain to their students about the basic mechanical principles. It is just one piece of Trabuco that is in the museums. It helped many centuries during the war and also in developing important processes of history.

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