All about Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a reformer and has all through been an active member in the educational reform movement. She is a graduate of Calvin College where she actively participated in the University Politics. Betsy has been a lead at different party organizations and campaign. She was once the chairman of the Republican Party for around six years.

Betsy DeVos is married to Dick DeVos who was an aspirant for the governorship of Michigan nominated by the Republican Party. This is a clear indication that the spirit of reforming runs through the family. Betsy DeVos has a variety of leadership roles such as the chairman of the American Federation for Children, Alliance of School Choice and the Windquest Group, a firm they established back in the year 1989 in collaboration with her husband. The firm basically invests in manufacturing, clean energy and technology. Dick DeVos was once the president of the Orlando magic NBA franchise and the Amway.

In an exclusive interview, Betsy said that it was not just instantly that she joined educational-movement reforms but the whole process was a step by step affair. She said that when her children were at a school going age, her together with the husband, they paid a visit to Potters House Christian School. The school for a long period of time, it had been serving children mainly those from low income families and while there, they got to have a word or two with several parents. They visited the school more frequently from then and they learnt that most of the parents there experienced difficulties when it came to payment their children’s fees. That kind of situation triggered them to offer support to individual students at the school and this became a great commitment.

This kind of dedication made them even think on a wider perspective about education and by doing so, Dick expressed his interest in vying for the State Board of Education in Michigan which he successfully managed. After the elections, Betsy DeVos established a foundation through which she gave out scholarships to students from families that earned little income. She was also working with two national charities which both worked towards expanding educational choice through vouchers and tax credits.

Betsy DeVos was born back in the year 1958 into a wealthy, conservative prince family. She practices religion as a Christian as she was raised at a church in Holland. She is a dedicated family woman with a husband, Dick DeVos, and four already grown up children. The family has all through been contributing to conservative religious and political causes.

Betsy DeVos pursues reforms by manipulation of several nonprofit roles. She chairs their family foundation and her charitable efforts are felt in the entire nation. Betsy also actively participates in several national and local boards like the DeVos Institute for Arts Management among others. She is largely known as a senior advocate for the educational choice movement.


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Enhanced Athlete is Cleared in Lawsuit Against Nutrition Distribution

Enhanced Athlete in facing its lawsuit from Nutrition Distribution has won its case and has been able to convince the Judge in the District Court of California to override the injunction plea of Nutrition Distribution. Enhanced Athlete pleaded the fact that Nutrition Distribution is in the business of starting lawsuits to settle out of court. Enhanced Athlete showed that Nutrition Distribution has recently filed over 70 lawsuits against supplemental companies lie Enhanced Athlete and argued that their motive was to have companies respond to the case and desist letters as an alternative to settle these cases out of court. Enhanced Athlete, the Cheyenne, Wyoming company has also stated that it was the recipient of several letters sent by Nutrition Distribution that it demanded payment as a remedy to its loss of sales because of Enhanced Athlete’s false advertising of its products, which effected Nutrition Distribution’s sales.

The California District Court Judge denied the injunction pleaded by Nutrition Distribution and judgment in favor of the evidence brought forth by Enhanced Athlete.

Enhanced Athlete further argued that Nutrition Distribution has never been able to show that advertising done by Enhanced Athlete was a direct result of the loss in sales of Nutrition Distribution. Scott Cavell, CEO of Enhanced Athlete, called Nutrition Distribution’s claims a “shakedown scheme,” and argued it would not allow itself to be the “next victim” of Nutrition Distribution.

The legal representatives of Enhanced Athlete admitted that the Court has shown its decision in favor of Enhanced Athlete showed Nutrition Distribution failed t bring substantial evidence of a causal link between its loss of sales and the alleged misleading advertising carried out by Enhanced Athlete.

Enhanced Athlete has two daughter companies, Enhanced Coaching, and Enhanced Gear, which also help an athlete reach their full potential thru providing individualized coaching and sports gear. Enhanced Coaching offers customized training packages to athletes thru professional bodybuilding experts. Similarly, the other daughter company of ENhanced Athlete specializes in athletic equipment which maximizes training and bodybuilding performance. All three companies carry the Enhanced Logo, and each has its own dedicated website where customers can contact official representatives.

Lacey and Larkin on the conduct of Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio is a former sheriff of Maricopa County. He is popular for his action against the immigrants living in this county. For 24 years, he was the sheriff of the county and managed to win the seat for six times. In what is seen by some experts as a way of retaining the seat, Joe was against immigration into the United States by Latinos who were coming from the southern border of Mexico.

Joe Arpaio knew that there was a high number of nationalists in the county who hated the idea of immigration. By managing to convince them that he would protect them from effects of immigration, he was able to keep them in his voting basket.

Jim Larkin who is human rights activist in the United States is one person who followed Joe Arpaio closely and knows all the things he did. One thing he gives Arpaio credit for is being a smart politician. He knew how to play with the minds of the people, and that is how he managed to retain the seat.

Jim Larkin however, detests Arpaio for the action he took when dealing immigrants. He was ruthless and in so doing messed up the lives of very many people.

Victims of Arpaio misconduct were immigrants living in the county without the necessary documents. He hunted them down and made sure that they went through torture they have never seen in their lives. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Joe Arpaio created concentration camps which he used as jails to hold the immigrants as they awaited deportation. The concentration camps were inhabitable. They lacked all the necessities needed to support human life.

There was a shortage of water and food in the facility. One of the popular concentration camps that were behind torture of many immigrants is Tent City. The camp can be described as hell by those who went through it. People were beaten and even killed by officers attached to the county. Women would give birth while chained to their beds.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are journalist and owners of a publication known as Phoenix New Times. They were following the actions that were being taken by Joe Arpaio and documenting it. They would use the publication to highlight the wrongs that were being committed to those who were in the country illegally. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Being an immigrant is not a crime that should be punishable by death. It is not clear how just because you are an immigrant someone would see you as a criminal who deserves a bullet in the head or just torture like the one Arpaio was sponsoring.

Arpaio was so evil that instead of building better jails, he would channel the money to other causes and instead built temporary facilities which he called concentration camps. Lacey and Larkin also faced the wrath of the rogue officer after Arpaio arrested them.

They were later released. They instituted charges against Arpaio and the state. The case ended with a compensation of $3.75 million to the duo. They are now using this money to assist human rights groups in Arizona to play their role.