Rare “Corpse Flower” Blooms at Orange Coast College

A unusual floral specimen will be on display this summer at the Administration Building of Orange Coast College (2701 Fairview Road, Costa Mesa; visiting hours 10 AM to 6 PM), and despite its notoriously stinky smell, visitors are already flocking to see this rare event up close. Amorphophallus titanum, also known as the the “corpse flower” is a plant native to Indonesian island of Sumatra, where its strong, pungent odor attracts beetles that help pollinate the plant. The name “corpse flower” derives from the scent emitted when the flower’s deep red petals are open for periods of up to 48 hours and emit a rotting scent some have likened to the smell of decomposing bodies. Some Amorphophallus titanum plants can take up to ten years to bloom for the first time and can weigh up to two hundred pounds. Orange Coast College’s corpse flower plant, named “Little Dougie“, has lived at the College since 2006.


As the top community college in Orange County, Orange Coast College is also renowned at the state and national levels for its athletic as well as academic programs. Orange Coast College offers high-quality training for California residents and non-residents alike, providing opportunities ranging from the College’s Pirate Athletics Program to cutting edge research facilities. Orange Coast College is the third ranked transfer college in California for students into the UC and CSU systems, and is also one of the top transfer colleges in the United States.


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Securus Technologies Continues to Reform the Incarceration Community

Securus Technologies is a profit-based prison technology company situated in Dallas, Texas. The company was launched in 1986 and had regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Allen, Texas, and Carrollton, Texas. Securus Technologies has approximately 1,000 employees. It serves more than 2,600 correctional facilities in the States and over 2,200 other facilities in Canada. Recently, the company announced that it had invested approximately $600 in acquisitions, patents, and technologies in the past three years.


The firm is the leading provider of government information management, parolee tracking, and detainee communication solutions. Securus is recognized globally for its innovative, and comprehensive technical solutions as well as their responsive customer care. Securus aims the specialized needs of people in correctional and law enforcement units. It offers criminal justice and civil technology solutions for monitoring, correcting, investigating, and enhancing public safety.


The technology services offered by Securus have been very useful especially in preventing inmate-on-inmate crimes. According to the CEO and Chairperson of the firm, Richard Smith, the company produces at least one new service or product that assists corrections and law enforcement officials in preventing and solving crimes, thus making the incarceration environment safer and better. Most clients at Securus Technologies are pleased by the great services they receive, and they do not hesitate to thank the company through emails and formal letters.


Securus Technologies has played a significant role in keeping off scrupulous staff members and disruptive inmates using information from phone calls. Securus monitors phone calls containing information on drug peddling, illegal access to cellular devices, illegal money transfer, and threats in facilities. Clients are very grateful as drug abuse as well, as other crimes are decreasing in law enforcement and correctional facilities. Most of the people served by Securus Technologies are impressed by the company’s vision and mission. The services that received more praises are the investigative tools and the LBS (Location Based Services) software.


Kim Dao Shows Her Friend Around Asakusa!

Kim Dao is at the station with her friend, Tip. They are going to spend some time together in Asakusa. She plans on showing him the Korean culture. Tip suggested wearing Kimonos. Kim Dao agrees because they are not expensive to rent. They have made it there and is about to get some food. Tip wants to ride on the carriage. They find a restaurant with good-looking food. Kim Dao is showing Tip how to pay using the machine. They get their food and sit down to eat together. Kim Dao is picking out her Kimono. Tip wants it to be fancy. They put on their Kimonos and Kim Dao had her hair done to complete the look. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/kim-dao/


They have only one hour left. They plan on walking around and taking pictures. Tip gets a regular fortune from the display. They have taken off their Kimonos. They made it to the station and is headed to the Asakusa Sky Tree. Kim Dao has to film on her phone because her camera doesn’t have anymore memory. They are in the fish store looking around. They stop to have dinner. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/kim-dao


Kim Dao is back home and has removed her makeup. She stopped at MiMi’s house before coming home to chat and catch up with her. MiMi and Duncan gave her some cool socks for a present. Kim Dao loves socks. She didn’t delete her footage from Denmark because she didn’t copy it to her computer. She is heading to bed. Learn more: http://www.kimdaoblog.com/


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UKV PLC Investing In Wine

The wine industry is one of the most dynamic in all of Europe. This is an industry endured a lot of changes in recent years. Many wine companies are struggling to make a profit. Wine takes many years to produce, and during this time it can be difficult to sustain a business.

UKV PLC is a leading company in this industry today. The company is making a lot of bold moves within the industry to grow market share.

Starting Out

UKV PLC started out as a small wine company run by a couple of people. However, the company did not stay small for long. The leaders in the business wanted to make the best wine in Europe. They focused on quality early on with great ingredients. UKV PLC now has some of the leading wine names in the entire world. This allows the company to charge a premium for their wine to customers.

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UKV PLC is a company that has a lot of cash on hand. When a company in the industry is struggling financially, UKV PLC will usually offer to purchase the company. Although the deals do not always go through, this has been a great way for the business to grow. In the last recession, the wine industry took a major hit. People tend to give up expensive things like wine when they have less disposable income. This was a great time for UKV PLC to make major acquisitions that nearly doubled the size of the company.

In the coming years, UKV PLC is going to continue looking for opportunities to grow. This is a great company that has a lot of products that customers love.

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